Thursday, September 30, 2010

Factual Account

Fact- Tim Horton's closes at 4:30
and react- What, has capitalism not caught on? How do they expect to make money if they're always closed? What are we supposed to do for caffeine after 4:30 PM? 

Fact- Law schools in Canada generally accept no more than 200 students.
and react- there's probably a reason I was the only first year at the pre-law society's law school admissions seminar, and that reason is because it freaks you out to know all this is waiting for you. 

Fact- While it was warm enough to wear shorts in the morning, the weather can change so that in the afternoon, shorts are a stupid choice.
and react- I'm still pretty proud of myself for wearing shorts at all and not being cold. I had Canadian friends who were cold- hah!

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