Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer's nearly half over!

Actually, that isn't agony in that title. Summer's fun, but so's Vancouver, so it's all good. I DID get year round housing at school, so I'M GOING TO HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE EVERY YEAR! Super exciting! (Admittedly, it did take some very un-Canadian bullying of the housing dept. but it's ok. It was totally called for).
Also! I got a job!!

(Yes, I did say I didn't want one and did classes instead. But this one's SO COOL!!!)

Anyhow, I'll describe it more later, because that would take work. I DO want people to download their/our app, because I wrote stuff that's on it, and that is so extremely exciting.

Pretty sure there was important stuff to mention, but I can't think of it.

I did, however, make very exciting popsicles. They're strawberry, peach, and vodka! Very awesome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've had basically the best week ever. Well, I could say summer in general, but it's not actually over yet, and that would be like, jinxing it?
Well, not really. Jinxing is like fortune telling. (The connection there is that they're both lies, btw)
I mean, really, I'm like 99.9% sure things will continue in their usual awesome manner. But, like mom kept saying to me during college applications- well, lemme explain this one more. When I was choosing colleges, I had 2 choices, UBC and then, if not, UCSD. (Sorry, UCSD, for the second-best spot. You don't have hockey. You may as well have told me that English isn't a major and, by the way, every class is at 6AM. Seriously). And my mom said I needed to have more options, because, as she said "sure, you'll get into UBC, but what if tomorrow, it's hit by a meteor and wiped off the face of the earth? Then you'll need a backup!"
Story over. (The point was, that could happen. And that would be not-awesome).

Anyways, that had a more depressing moral than I thought it would. So to move on to the list of really awesome things (followed by the list of real-life things that also happen, so no one hates me for being too cheery)
1. I got an internship! It's at a really, really cool company called Mozaik, and they have this app they do for shows and movies and stuff. Anyways, it's super cool, and they've been using me as their poster story for a few years now.
2. My classes! I'm getting good grades! There's basically nothing in the universe better than that.
3. That author signing I went to was so cool. He signed my book! (Wow, that seemed like a very Captain Obvious thing to say).
4. That INTERNSHIP! I am so, so excited for it! Originally, I decided that classes>working for me this summer, and didn't look for a job. But then my neighbour came to me and asked if I wanted to interview, and even though I have classes, still. Super awesome jobs are worth having less free time for. Because it's SO EXCITING!!
5. Also, I get to dress for work! With cute shoes and nice clothes and everything. I'm so excited for that part too!
6. It's super hot outsideeeee! Nice after the snow all winter.

and now, the realistic list, so as to keep people from going "ooh, good for you! It's all sunshine and butterflies in your life! I HATE YOU"
1. I can only now walk properly again. Since the end of March I couldn't, then I went to the doctor and he made it SO MUCH WORSE for a good month or so before making it better. (Well, this is sort of a good-list thing).
2. I can't play hockey until September! Because of the first thing.
3. THE CANUCKS LOSING. This would be #1, but I didn't want to start out on a miserable point.
4. Well, at least it was the Bruins they lost to. I do love the Bruins. Not quite as much, but still. (Obviously I'm not good at thinking negatively).

Yeah, I'm giving up on the bad list. It was basically an extension of the good list. Which is good!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'd just like to talk about what I've been doing

(Because I know everyone totally cares, obviously)

1. I went to a book signing today! Also, he read from his book, and it was funny. (2 Kisses for Maddy, if you're interested. Which you should be- it's awesome)
2. Tons of reading. Tons. Not all if it even remotely interesting, either.

Wow, I thought I've been doing more. Guess not.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I just thought of a philosophathingey

Check it out! This is the #4 Best Way To Feel Awesome About Yourself! (Giving it a random number and capital letters makes it sound like it's part of an official list or something).

So, way #4 is to make a list of everything you're awesome at.
Here's mine! (No, this isn't an excuse to brag about myself. What are you, trying to make me seem self-obsessed?)
1. I can do a running commentary of any movie. Seriously. If you need someone to talk you through literally every scene of a movie, no matter how long it is, I can do that.
2. I'm a super awesome interior designer. If you didn't see my freshman dorm decor, it had great posters. Hockey, Star Trek (Original series, duh), the new James Bond, and plus, I just ordered two new Big Bang Theory posters.
3. I tan really, really well. I take credit for that, regardless of the fact that I don't really have much to do with that happening.
4. I'm great at naming things. Like Alex and Sid, my laptop and netbook. The xbox will be named soon, as will the controller. I'm thinking Sheldon and Leonard.
5. I can take Tylenol/Advil like a champ. I don't make faces or anything! That takes some serious skill, because while Tylenol has a candyish coating, Advil doesn't.
6. I think of awesome stuff like this list.

Yeah, I'm avoiding doing homework.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie review time!

The title makes it seem like I've done this before. Except I haven't, so.

Movie Review #475 (Everyone's favourite weekly update!):
(Yeah, that was a lie).
I just watched Flicka 2! Jamie made me do it. And here are all the reasons I hated it!

1. The chick. Oh, man, I hated the chick. She kept sassing everyone! She sassed her dad, even!
2. The fact that they keep on saying "Flicka means 'beautiful girl'. IT DOESN'T. It means GIRL. Just girl. No "beautiful". JUST. GIRL. It's Swedish. I know that word in Swedish. THIS MOVIE IS BUILT ON A LIE.
3. Also, why didn't they name the baby horse Pojke? That means boy. We could lie some more and say it means "handsome boy" BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THIS MOVIE DOES. IT LIES.
4. The chick! Again! She drives me crazy! She was SO MEAN to that poor guy! He kissed her, and then she goes "You're a hick!" ooooh, country burn.
5. The guy! He's like TWENTY FOUR and the chick is like FIFTEEN. No. No. No.
6. The guy takes her back! She insults him to his face, and he ignores her for about twenty minutes, then he wants to be besties again! HAVE YOU NO SELF RESPECT?
7. The chick breaking the rules! Breaking the law! Someone ought to send her to military school so she'll learn rule following.
8. The fact that she learns to horseback ride in like, two days.
9. And hello, she called him a hick to his face! (This did, however, inspire The Hick Rule. If I ever date someone from the midwest, my sister is not allowed to refer to him as a hick. That's the rule).

Anyways. Here's all the things I liked about Flicka 2!

I couldn't think of anything. Well, the dude was pretty cool. So there's that.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The perfect roommate ad

Ta-dah! This is the perfect flyer to post when I need a roommate (whenever that happens).

So perfect.

weird comments by people that read

I think it's weird when people say "I wish I wrote that" when they like something they've read.

Because, really. I wrote it. It's mine. And they can't have it.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Retracting a statement on poetry

It has come to my attention that I have to retract a statement I made before. Actually, more accurately, a statement I have said at least eight thousand, four hundred, and sixty-seven times in the past nine years.

Many, many times, (8, 467), I have said that I hate poetry. While I still hate writing it- passionately!- I have to admit that I do not hate analyzing it. Analyzing poetry can actually be really interesting.

So, I take back my hatred of reading and analyzing poetry, and offer my super awesome poetry project as a public apology.


(I'm also offering it to my professor in exchange for a good grade, but that's beside the point).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Educational Goals!

That title sounds like I really know what I'm doing! I like that. Because I don't plan what I write, and sounding like I have a plan in mind sounds very professional.

Anyways, the point of that title was to say that I think I'd like to get a doctorate. Not exactly sure what subject yet, but it'll be something useful. But yeah. That was the decision this week.

I was watching Big Bang Theory all this week! (Also, I'm using crutches. Irrelevant, yet still interesting. I hurt my foot slightly). And there was this really, really geeky part. One of the guys was playing one of those text-based games. If you've never seen those, it's like a video game. But it's only text on a black screen. And you input your movements. So it's like this:

You are in a forest. There is forest to the west. There is a path to the east.
Go east

There is a forest to the west. There is a field to the east. In the field, there is a tree.
Go to the tree.

And it goes on just like that,
for quite a while. It's kind of boring, and very geeky. Anyways, I thought it was sad that I've actually played stuff like that. It's like, ultimate geekness when you identify with stuff like that show. (Equally geeky is when relationships don't work "because we're not the same kind of geek". It's actually very funny).

Also, I think I've officially decided. I'm a dog person, not a cat person. It's because I don't think I'd like having to wonder whether my pet likes me or not.