Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I just thought of a philosophathingey

Check it out! This is the #4 Best Way To Feel Awesome About Yourself! (Giving it a random number and capital letters makes it sound like it's part of an official list or something).

So, way #4 is to make a list of everything you're awesome at.
Here's mine! (No, this isn't an excuse to brag about myself. What are you, trying to make me seem self-obsessed?)
1. I can do a running commentary of any movie. Seriously. If you need someone to talk you through literally every scene of a movie, no matter how long it is, I can do that.
2. I'm a super awesome interior designer. If you didn't see my freshman dorm decor, it had great posters. Hockey, Star Trek (Original series, duh), the new James Bond, and plus, I just ordered two new Big Bang Theory posters.
3. I tan really, really well. I take credit for that, regardless of the fact that I don't really have much to do with that happening.
4. I'm great at naming things. Like Alex and Sid, my laptop and netbook. The xbox will be named soon, as will the controller. I'm thinking Sheldon and Leonard.
5. I can take Tylenol/Advil like a champ. I don't make faces or anything! That takes some serious skill, because while Tylenol has a candyish coating, Advil doesn't.
6. I think of awesome stuff like this list.

Yeah, I'm avoiding doing homework.

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  1. Hi Sara!

    We looked at your blog. Hope you're doing well. You must be looking forward to summer vacation!

    Write soon!

    Tete and Layla


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