Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I can't help it if my life is 100% exciting 200% of the time.

First up, in sports news: I am so excited for next season!! (Or semester. As most people call it. The loserfaces). So, I've got my hockey team (We're the Werewolves. Because I thought, what's an animal that could eat anything? I want something FEAR INSPIRING). and the early-morning hockey, and now the Ultimate team (Team Rocket! haha) AND YESTERDAY I JOINED A BALL HOCKEY TEAM. I'm excited for that, it should really help my stickwork! AND THIS IS SO EXCITING SO I'M SCREAMING IT, MY NEW JERSEY ok not jersey more like t-shirt because not every sport is as cool as hockey NUMBER IS 80. It's ok, beacuse it still has an 8 in it. And 8 is MY NUMBER.

School stuff: Only a few more days of classes! More like one, because I only have one class on Friday. YESYESYES.

Crazy technology stuff: Mom got a Blackberry! AND SO I CAN BBM HER ALL THE TIME CONSTANTLY NONSTOP. I am so excited. (But really sad I'm not rightright there to help her learn how to use it :(that's sad.)

We had a presentation for linguistics, and we bribed people who came by our poster with candycanes.
 This presentation took place in THE LITERALLY MIDDLE OF NOWHERE OMIGOD:

Seriously, if you ignore the pavement and ceramic pot, it's like a scene out of the barren tundra wastelands of northern Canada.

This is our SUPER SMART SOUNDING poster on neurolinguistics. NEUROLINGUISTICS! Yes, I am that smart.

SEE?! That! Is on campus! A WASTELAND, I TELL YOU. (Again, ignore the houses, the nicely cut grass, and the fact that there's a soccer field approximately half a meter to the right and left of the frame).

Also, here is a list of super awesome things:
1. My English prof's office hours! I've seen her twice in the last week for help on my term paper
2. My term paper! It's genius. About twelfth night being Carnival on a grand scale, and role reversals proving that traditional roles are non-effective. (I sound so smart)

Sorry, I got bored of the list.
Also, Christmas is coming up! But I'm kinda not looking forward to that, because of the stupid kidney procedure thing. Except I'll get to see my favourite nurse EVER IN THE UNIVERSE, so that's better.

I'm going to go to the gym! HOW SUPER EXCITING.
(It's been a caps-lock-palooza for my last few blog posts).

Didn't end up going to the gym - went for a run. For ten minutes. Because after about 5, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. (Or legs).SO COLD

Also, I have a popsicle.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Outrageous news!

That is an article by the Rolling Stone people. About the 10 worst songs of the 80's. There are so many things wrong with this.

2. Yes, admittedly, it was picked by readers, and the editors say they don't agree with most of it- BUT THAT MEANS THE READERS ARE STUPID
3. You know what's on there? "The Safety Dance." WHY?!?!? THAT IS THE BEST SONG EVER.
4. And you thought that was wrong? The number two song is THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. What is WRONG with these readers?!?!? How can you hate that song. 

And the very worst part about this stupid list? GUESS WHAT THE NUMBER ONE SONG IS. GUESS. If you guessed ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER MADE EVER, and that it was voted the worst by a LOT, then you would be correct. And deeply saddened.


And people hate it! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I was gonna make a list of the best ever 80's songs, but it'd take way too long. SEEING AS THEY ARE ALMOST ALL AMAZING.  

(Also, I don't like versions of this song without the radio announcer part. That's like my favourite part).
Anyways, I know that news must have just ruined your whole entire day, so here is a bunch of good news to make it better.

1. It's sunny outside! I know that only applies to Vancouver specifically, but whatever, be happy for me!
2. This is a very funny video. (Click on the "this").
3. And this is stuck in my head.
4. I keep hearing that Ultimate is THE university sport to play. (It's that one with the frisbees). So I'm joining a team next semester! I have a hard time getting how some people I meet just don't do sports, or anything like exercise. I can understand one or the other - like hating gyms, or not having the time for scheduled games. But both?
On that note, I don't get people that refuse to join teams. It's so fun! I'm on two! And now three! Because it's so awesome! And that's three days I don't have to go to the gym. #BOOM.

 I've got my presentation soon! It's on neurolinguistics, and it's a group project. Fun, right?!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In case you hadn't heard, I'm a genius

So everyone's been asking for more pictures/ complaining that this blog is made of text, which, although words are my forte (AKA, the thing I am seriously brilliant at!) that just isn't good enough for some people. You want brilliance in literally every aspect of everything! And, well, I applaud your insistence on brilliance! Demand the best! Only accept the best! Exercise your freedom to demand the best! Revel in your freedom! AMERICA! (hahahaha I'm sorry, I couldn't resist). (But I should be a writer of speeches for politicians or something).

Also, I hate getting into political arguments with people! They're pointless! I mean, what does it matter what conclusion we reach sitting in my kitchen? We're not politicians, so it really doesn't matter, and all it does is make people angry! Also, the whole health care debate gets kind of heated. Seeing as it's American vs Canadian system, so it's just such a loaded subject! (I'm not getting into it; my point is that the arguments suck).

Anyways! That wasn't the point! Seriously, I don't know how that even came up. MY POINT WAS THAT I'M BRILLIANT.

This is the seriously adorable gelato they had at Whole Foods! YES THAT IS MOVEMBER THEMED GELATO! YESSS! Also, I do love Movember and all, but I'm a little happy it's over. Guys take Movember too literally - I do not dig mustaches. Not at all. I'm totally cool with no-shave-part-of-the-month, but all-out Movember is a liiitle much. Or Novembeard, as I used to hear it called at home. But I'm kinda off the point here.
The point is that this lovely picture is from my Blackberry. And I got it onto Alex (my computer) without the use of a single cable! I am a genius. I uploaded it to my twitter and then downloaded it. AND SERIOUSLY AMN'T I SO SMART FOR HAVING THOUGHT OF THAT.

Also this is the new decorations:

We used to have a super cute tapestry hanging up. And now we have a picture of NYC downtown. I've been there. To that exact spot. I did not particularly like it.
Now it feels like we live in a Macy's catalog.  Whatever; at least my room has TONS of character. Have you seen it?

Yeah. It's awesome. We all need to accept that, and envy it accordingly. :D

Gonna go back to writing my term paper and watching my roommate film her project thing in the kitchen! It's funny :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sadly, there were no cookies. No ingredients.

I am in SUCH a hyper mood, I guess.

What I did last night!!

It was so exciting, it calls for a second blog post in as many days.

So! Last yall heard, I was at a coffee shop, just because. I got some work done on my term paper, but mostly I just did blog stuff. And then! Then K and I went to a SOUTHERN BBQ RESTAURANT. It's basically my favourite place in the whole entire city. A number of exciting things happened here!
1- I had pulled pork and it was amazing
2- it was discovered that their bbq sauce isn't as super amazing as the one I have from home.
3- they had cane cola! that super awesome coke! It was sooooo amaaazingggg
4- K had never had/even heard of hush puppies, and has since discovered that they're this side of amazing
5- Did I mention it was a SOUTHERN restaurant?! South Carolina!

Anyways, this morning I woke up early (well. like ten. Or eleven.) And now I'm going to bake chocolate and pomegranete cookies. I KNOW RIGHT!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


(It's okay, I'll stop now)
(I've been yelling all day! And by that, I mean I've been texting J the lyrics to that old song in Top Gun in caps, because I've been scream-singing it in my head all day: You've lost that LOOOOVIIINNNN FEEELIIINNNN!!!)

Anyhow, I'm actually being quiet right now. (I know, right! Hard to believe!)

I'm working on my term paper! And it's not due for a week! I AM SO AHEAD.
See that? That's DARK CHOCOLATE HOT CHOCOLATE!! (I know I said I'd stop screaming. I'm sorry)

Anyhow, I've got a sentence of my first paragraph and an outline, so far.
Also the dude at the counter was all "were you here last time? :) " and I felt bad saying that no, I wasn't. Not that he seemed disappointed. (However, nothing better happen! Last time a guy at a shop liked me, I ended up having to figure out what hours he wasn't working. It's so inconvenient!)

Also, want to know what is SO EXTREMELY EXCITING?!?! (more shouting. Sorry)
The mountains were all white today!!!

The mountains are pretty much my favourite part of Vancouver. And I know you can baaarely make them out in that picture, but trust me, there're there. And they're snowy.

 AND LOOK HOW MANY LEAVES THERE ARE!! I wanted to jump in it... except it was gross. So I didn't.
 Also (This is an old picture) I was at Fright Nights! Did I mention that? It was supposed to be a fun Halloween carnival except that there was some purely terrifying stuff in the haunted houses. HOUSES. AS IN MORE THAN ONE. AS IN I SURVIVED LIKE SEVEN OF THEM IN ONE NIGHT. It was scary. That warrants screaming.
 Also! It snowed! It's gone now (actually it was gone later that same day) but! Yay!
 And I'd gone up to Grouse with K with the sole intention of eating nachos. Which are basically my favourite food ever. (Also? I'm a super awesome girl to hang out with, because I like nachos and mountains and scary movies. I don't make people eat healthy food, go to lame places, or watch stupid stuff like Glee or whatever) (Sorry, Gleeks! But ALL THAT SINGING! And sorry, but high school themed stuff is so over.)

That is a traffic cone. In a tree. It's been there for days.

I went to see Breaking Dawn a week ago! (Seriously!)
It was the funniest thing ever! Although I'm sure the other people didn't appreciate my constant snickering. Seeing as they weren't funny parts.
Like when Edward brings *Spoiler! Just kidding, because really, who even cares!* Jacob to the wedding as a wedding present. Like! WHO DOES THAT? "Hey, new wife, he's that guy that is soooo in love with you! Zing, Jacob!" Maybe Edward is just super mean
And then later, Bella was all *Spoiler! HAHAHA* "I'm naming this baby EJ if it's a boy - Edward Jacob" at least she had the decency to give it her HUSBAND'S name first, before her OLD BOYFRIEND'S. Seriously, Bella, do you THINK before you speak? "Oh, hey husband, I love you and all, but like, let's name OUR BABY after MY EX BOYFRIEND." I think I'll try that in ten years and see if that flies with Mr. Future Husband. I can probably talk him into naming babies after hockey greats, but if I throw a "oh hey, my ex's name was xxxx and that would be a great middle name" at him, I'm preeeeetttyyy sure he wouldn't dig it. Like, way to rub it in Edward's face that not only were you with another guy before (guys seem to dislike that. Seriously! My boyfriends have always had MAJOR problems with my ex's, be them ex-boyfriends, ex-flings, ex-flirts, whatever! Even though they don't live in the same country, even! (I seem to have a American/Canadian/American/Canadian/American habit going))
Anyways. I will not be naming my future son Ryan Ex'sName, or Alex ThatGuyWhoMyHusbandWishesHarmUpon.
Seriously, Bella. How did you miss THAT lesson? (Oh, right, when you got married at 18 after some heavy-duty stalking. Zing!)

And speaking of baby names, she names the baby *Spoiler! Oh, haha, no one CARES* Renesmee. Which is (get ready to applaud Bella's creativity, folks) her mother's name smushed against Edward's mum's name! Renee-Esmee. Two names I dislike put together! Dude. Did she ever think a little girl might not like the name Reeeneeessmmeee? How about something PRETTY for a little girl, Bella?! I mean, imagine if *I* did that.
Let's assume Mr. Future Husband's mom's name is... hm... Suzanne. So we'd get Rozanne. (acutally, that's kinda pretty. Let me try again). Suzala! See! It sounds like... a dance! Or salsa!
I'd much rather go with my first choice for a girl - Ana. (Or, hey, Rozanne was pretty sweet. I better go marry someone who's mom's name is Suzanne!)

Aaaaaanyyywaaayyyssss. I'm reading Twilight to J right now, (Not seriously. It's more of a laugh-hysterically-at-every-page event) so expect some line-by-line critique.
(And you know that when I say "critique" I mean "even more mocking." Yay!)

One more week of classes! Check out my finals:
1) Linguistics: THERE IS NONE HAHAHAHAHA. But we do have a presentation on a research article we read. On Neurolinguistics. Soooo did not sign up to study the brain. I HATE studying the brain- it's so complex!
2) English : there's an essay and another suuuper fun 'what author/piece/importance' of passages section. Wooo.
3) Scientific Reasoning. THIS WILL BE A NIGHTMARE. BECAUSE IT IS A MATH CLASS. I STILL can't believe I did that to myself!
4) German : Soooo not worried. It's German! I get 80's when I don't study. Also, my pronunciation is the bomb.
5) French : Grammar! Suuuuch a nightmare!

Doesn't that all sound like fun.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good morning! It's noon!

I am having such an exciting day, it's a wonder I can even stand it.

I woke up at noon; was out late last night watching the hysterically funny Breaking Dawn. (It's not supposed to be funny, but I definitely spent most of the time snickering. That is, when I wasn't asking questions like "the werewolves have a LAW that says 'don't kill anyone's wife', because that was such a problem they needed a law about it? Huh?")

I've got a lot of work to do, including a term paper on Twelfth Night - yet another genius thesis to prove: "Twelfth Night is Carnival on its grandest scale; the widespread reversal of roles drives the action, as the reversals of Viola, Olivia and Feste are the vehicles of the plot, something their original, traditional roles could not accomplish." Seriously so smart. Anyhow, so I'm in bed with the J blanket, writing and stuff.
And yeah, to answer the things I'm sure you're wondering:
1) Def a kirk/spock poster on my wall
2) It is kinda sunny!
3) That's my awesome prelaw water bottle. WHICH IS EMPTY BECAUSE I DRANK WATER.

(I tried to find this pic from first year but couldn't. It was me with the J blanket)

Some other things to note:

I saw my first Christmas tree of the season! At the bookstore! LIKE A WEEK AGO. Its NOVEMBER.
There was snow yesterday! It's gone now though.
That's all I can think of for now..

Gonna go work on my genius paper that will change the literary world forever.

Oh, and one more thing! I'M SO PALE NOW OMIGOD.
I keep getting called Snow-white-y/vampire-y. THIS IS SO UNFAIR.

Eventually i'll get this picture my roomie took yesterday. I LOOK SO PALE IT'S INSANE.