Sunday, November 27, 2011

In case you hadn't heard, I'm a genius

So everyone's been asking for more pictures/ complaining that this blog is made of text, which, although words are my forte (AKA, the thing I am seriously brilliant at!) that just isn't good enough for some people. You want brilliance in literally every aspect of everything! And, well, I applaud your insistence on brilliance! Demand the best! Only accept the best! Exercise your freedom to demand the best! Revel in your freedom! AMERICA! (hahahaha I'm sorry, I couldn't resist). (But I should be a writer of speeches for politicians or something).

Also, I hate getting into political arguments with people! They're pointless! I mean, what does it matter what conclusion we reach sitting in my kitchen? We're not politicians, so it really doesn't matter, and all it does is make people angry! Also, the whole health care debate gets kind of heated. Seeing as it's American vs Canadian system, so it's just such a loaded subject! (I'm not getting into it; my point is that the arguments suck).

Anyways! That wasn't the point! Seriously, I don't know how that even came up. MY POINT WAS THAT I'M BRILLIANT.

This is the seriously adorable gelato they had at Whole Foods! YES THAT IS MOVEMBER THEMED GELATO! YESSS! Also, I do love Movember and all, but I'm a little happy it's over. Guys take Movember too literally - I do not dig mustaches. Not at all. I'm totally cool with no-shave-part-of-the-month, but all-out Movember is a liiitle much. Or Novembeard, as I used to hear it called at home. But I'm kinda off the point here.
The point is that this lovely picture is from my Blackberry. And I got it onto Alex (my computer) without the use of a single cable! I am a genius. I uploaded it to my twitter and then downloaded it. AND SERIOUSLY AMN'T I SO SMART FOR HAVING THOUGHT OF THAT.

Also this is the new decorations:

We used to have a super cute tapestry hanging up. And now we have a picture of NYC downtown. I've been there. To that exact spot. I did not particularly like it.
Now it feels like we live in a Macy's catalog.  Whatever; at least my room has TONS of character. Have you seen it?

Yeah. It's awesome. We all need to accept that, and envy it accordingly. :D

Gonna go back to writing my term paper and watching my roommate film her project thing in the kitchen! It's funny :)

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