About me! How exciting!

Welcome to my blog! It's very exciting here, and I'm very happy to have you.

This blog's the go-to for updates on what I'm doing in Canada (or California, during vacations). 
(other common locations include Coquitlam, downtown Vancouver, North Van, Grouse Mountain, and the ever-exciting ice rink!)

I'll update it every week or so - or more - or less - but if you don't want to check back again and again, feel free to sign up for email notification! (It's like a party in your inbox!)
Links on the side will take you to my Picassa picture gallery, and also my Flickr one, which I've abandoned because they've kidnapped my photos and are holding them hostage. (Seriously. If I ever want to see my first 100 pictures again, I have to pay them! That's ransom!)

Please comment, I love to know who's reading and to say hi! You don't even have to have an account!

Anyways, that's the rundown. Welcome to the best blog you'll ever read.