Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another video :)

Just some short notes

1. I went to the gym yesterday. Awesome, I know.
2. Whenever I manage to find something I'll eat at the caf, they inevitably run out of it. Frequently. (oatmeal that's peanut butter flavour- EWWW)
3. French phrase of the day: "pour le dernier fois- JE SUIS UN ARBRE" that means "for the last time- I AM A TREE" sometimes that class is so very entertaining.
4. I got painfully close to scoring a goal this morning.
5. My friend was talking to me and then suddenly goes "omigod you have three holes in your ear!!" yes. This is true. No cause for alarm.
6. 28 days left!
7. It's crazy sunny today. Happy day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I feel awesomely productive when I post a lot

I'm putting off homework, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.

Just wanted to share the fact that it was sunny today:
Quite cold, but still sunny.

And here's the Semester Two update on Things I've Learned At College:
(I don't remember if there was a Semester One list or not)
  1. It's only sunny when you're stuck indoors
  2. The common room furniture is arranged in strange ways at frequent intervals
  3. Tables are often stacked on top of each other.
  4. Couches go well on top of tables. It gives you a good view of the TV
  5. Recycling is good and all, but when the bin is full of beer/vodka/etc bottles, "wow, they're super Earth-friendly!" is not the first thought that goes through people's minds. Guaranteed. (Well, except for that green-freak who buys organic shoes and bikes everywhere).
  6. People aren't good at remembering they were doing laundry and that it needs to be moved to the dryer
  7. The greatest feature of apartments is that they have more than one room. It'd be nice not to live in a bedroom/kitchen/linen closet/office/living -room combo
  8. The cheapest ice time is the least convenient. Also, it comes with the weirdest referees. (see list below)
  9. Caf food sucks. Still.
  10. Mountains are cool places to go.
  11. Only some kinds of tape stick to the walls well.

Referees you encounter at cheap ice times
1. New Ref: This ref hasn't done much reffing before, and is very nervous but trying to hide it. Every single call is final. Even the obviously wrong ones. And the ones that the "tripped" player admits were their own fault. Yeah, even those.
2. Drunk Ref: This ref is slightly out of it. And makes interesting calls, if any at all. Surprises people when he shows up sober.
3. Brawler Ref: This ref encourages the underdog team to play dirty. Suggests illegal checking techniques. Then tries to get them to flat-out punch opponents. Can be found after the game having a spirited discussion with an underdog-team player about how unsportsman-like the other team played, and tries to get the player to promise to go after them next time.
4. Bored Ref: this ref doesn't make many calls, and gets a little frustrated with repeat offenders who just can't remember what offsides is. Is liable to do anything to make the game more interesting, like playing goalie himself or not bothering to make the players wear matching jerseys.
5. Spirited Ref: this ref likes to play. So if one team's short a few players, will ditch the reffing job and play for them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowshoing on Cypress Mountain!

Went on a snowshoeing expedition today- I say expedition because it was an intense, 5-hour long hike, more than 2 hours of which were straight up the mountain, and part of it was so steep, it was scarily close to vertical.

Here are all the pictures I took!:

This is a video of the view from the top of the mountain:

Definitely my new favourite snow sport :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

at one point this week, I had literally 17 tabs open

I just wanted to take the time to say just how much I love Alex.
before anyone jumps to any conclusion- no, I don't have a secret boyfriend/fiance/husband, (but if I did, he'd be a hockey player, for sure) Alex is my computer. I name all my electronics stuff. Behold:

Sid's my netbook. He's super cute and very portable. The background is of Savard and the Bruins!
Jazzy's name is sorta temporary. My ipod touch, and the wallpaper is Burrows and Kesler!
Vladdie's name is also sorta temporary. And yeah, that's a mirror charm. The background is teacups, the ones at the engagement champagne tea party. Some of them belonged to my grandma. They were all laid out before the party.
Alex's background changes every ten seconds. Coolest thing ever.

Oh, I didn't include my printer, Jonathan. Oops..

Anyways. There are more important things to talk about.

Things Open On Alex Right Now
1. an article about how the Philadelphia Flyers have colourful slushees for the players. No joke. The coach saw it in some Australian rugby magazine.
2. Hockey team stats. Not mine, thankfully. We had 62 goals scored on us in 8 games. That's a 7.75 average per game.
3. Translation of a French word I read.
4. A really funny 'holiday gift guide' article. It involves a suggestion for a seven-pound hotdog. Not realistic, but thanks anyways, dude.
5. The reviews of a book I want to get.
6. This blog (but you already knew that)
7. A webseries assignment for my New Media class. We have to write, among other things, the pilot episode. Mine's about a minor league hockey captain making a videojournal for fans.
8. Literary journalism article for my other creative writing class (the one where every minute I spend there is agony). Mine's about hockey strategy. My TA doesn't look like he plays any sports at all, so that basically makes me look like an expert. Cool.
9. Itunes. I like Trading Yesterday right now, mostly because they're one of like, five artists I have in my itunes library. All my songs are on the computers at home. Turns out homesharing doesn't work 1000 miles away, shocker. Shoulda tried it out before leaving the country.
10. Skype. Which I love.
11. Facebook. Which I am ignoring.

I should probably get back to whatever it was I was doing. One of those 11 things, I assume.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I'm just not cut out for

There are a few things I would never, ever be good at.

1) Catering. It's very hard. Especially hollowing out those little berry tomatoes which are, in fact, very tiny.

2) Any kind of teaching job. Because we all know I just don't believe in patience. Or the constructive part of constructive criticism. And my "3 stars and a wish" is really just "half a star and forty-seven wishes"

3) A photo blog. While I'd obviously be stunningly brilliant at this, I hate uploading pictures. Do you have any idea how much work it takes? You have to hook up the camera, download the files, and then upload the files, one by one, to the blog, and wait for them all to load, and then format them into the text. Seriously. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I'd rather just write the stupid thousand words and be done with it.

4) A restaurant manager. I watched a show about the things that they're supposed to do. Being impatient, a perfectionist, and demanding are not among them.

5) A vegan. I know that's not, like, a job or anything, but wow, would I be the world's worst vegan.

6) A journalist. I get bored whe n I have to retell every little detail about something. Same as doing a blog that's a day-to-day update on what I'm doing. But I don't really believe in those anyways. Because really, no one cares about where you went for lunch if none of your readers live near ther restaurant, and you spend every day basically the same, anyways. That's not writing, that's just listing.

7) A teacher. I know I already said this, but WOW would I be a bad one. Patience! Hah!

8) A judge. I would be very tempted to rule one way or another "because this is my courtroom and I FEEL like it! And yo u can't tell me what to do but I can tell you what to do!" My maturity is spectacular sometimes.

9) A baker. Because batter is the best tasting thing ever.

Just saying.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My blog post which is a video!

This is the second part; I pressed the stop button too soon. My bad.

This is such a cool idea :) if I may say so myself.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just saying

I really resent people who show up to a 9 AM class with a Tim's cup. It says "look at me, I didn't hit the snooze button ten times so I had enough time to get coffee before class!" good for you. Brat.

Also walked into French class to hear the prof say "I want you to suffer!! Now, who can translate that?"
He was talking about the upcoming test. While conveniently using the subjunctive.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update on the to-do list

I'd just like to say that I FINISHED MY TO-DO LIST!!! (except for the laundry part).

That's it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Do List

So I woke up at noon today- but I was still extremely productive! Get this:

To Do List:
  • Return library books. (I actually checked out books from one of the school's libraries. For a translation project from French to English for creative writing. We had a choice, to do that or to write poetry; some people were complaining that they had to do poetry by default, since they didn't speak a second language. Suckers! Bilingualism rocks).
  • Check out The Notebook (this one didn't happen. Because of the eight gazillion books the libraries have, this is not among them. Okanagan, however, has it. Wow).
  • Laundry (still have to do this. Sheets and stuff. I'm really bad at laundry. Like, I've forgotten it for 4 hours and someone else evicted it from the washing machine, I've put money in the wrong dryer, I've forgotten detergent... mixing up colours just wasn't creative enough for me, obviously).
  • Vacuum (Not that it did much good. Lame vacuum).
  • Grocery Shopping (This is an incredibly interesting experience. My grocery list is pretty random: wheat bread, sponge, dish soap, itunes card, popsicles, frozen stuff, chocolate chips, like eight kinds of fruit. Lots of healthy stuff; think of the person in front of you in line who's got all the healthy stuff who makes you want to kick them in the shins. It's like that).
  • Econ homework (Done! Four labs for one week was a lot..)
  • French reading (I love surprises, really. Finding out I have to read 25 pages of an old French novel for this week if I want to be done in time for the test? Freaking awesome).
  • Geobio lab (something to do with population indices? By the way- the plural of index isn't just indexes, it's also indices, and that sounds cool).
  • French workshop thing (done and done)
  • Video game character (character write-up. As usual, I got overly psychological on mine. Used the K├╝bler-Ross model of grief as a reference, despite the fact that the video game we're making up wouldn't even give my character a speaking part. But a backstory is important- and psychlogy is really, really important!)
  • Subjunctive worksheet (still avoiding this one. I failed a subjunctive test seven times in high school French. It's a tough unit- and makes no sense! Why oh why do the French need so many nuances to their verbs, and yet don't want more nouns?)
  • Clean room somewhat (Done! The 'somewhat' is a key term here, by the way)
So I got a lot of stuff done today. Only have French and geobio left. Cool stuff.

And check out the awesome laces I got! Yellow's the colour of ... um... giverism!
(To 'giver', by the way, is to like, give it your all. Just to clear that up. Because this reminds me of the time I said 'i'm going to the grocery store atm' and it was assumed I was going to the ATM as well. And, no. I meant atm- at the moment. Just. So we all know).

Also! Heard this, and it's funny:

"A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound"

hahaha :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Top Five's Of The Week

Remember this format? Awesome stuff.

Top 5 Lies of the Week:

1. Again, this is not a weekly list.

2. "No, I can't see a movie tomorrow. I'm busy. Yeah, all day. Like, the entire day. All of it. Sorry."

3. "Sure, take my spot on defense. I don't mind."

4. "Yeah, I find this lecture topic really interesting too."

5. "My room is clean right now."

Top 5 Quotes of the Week:

1. "Vehicular manslaughter is not my cup of tea"

2. "I want a koala on my head!"

3. "Can't we take a bus instead of walking 10 blocks?" "Walking keeps me warm!"

4. "I am never wrong" (French prof)

5. "Can I see your desk lamp?"

Top 5 Places To Go Of The Week

1. The gym. Although going the day before a hockey game isn't a good idea. Neither is the day before a hockey game that's two days before a super early game so it's like having an intense workout three days in a row without really sleeping at all. Yeah. That.

2. G-Max Sports. Ten times. Because seriously, how have the yellow laces I want STILL not come in? It's been a month!

3. The ice rink. Two times a week.

4. The common room on my floor. For three minutes, until I realize that there's no wifi, and my homework is entirely online.

5. Econ lab, which, by the way, is canceled. Thanks for telling me ahead of time.

Top 5 Lessons/Screw Ups of the week

1. When checking a schedule, ensure that it is for the correct day.

2. Ensure that the class you assume is happening is actually happening.

3. Sometimes, the snow makes buses and the Skytrain shut down. Good thing other people remembered that.

4. It rains. Even when the sky is totally clear, it rains.

5. Looking at beachside resorts in the winter is another form of torture.

Top 5 Problems Of The Week

1. Every PC game ever comes out like, six months after the x-box 360 version. That's favouritism, and it's wrong.

2. Alex's webcam. (That's my laptop, btw). Some random other program opens up every time I skype. Weird.

3. Exam schedule's out- my last one is April 27th, one of the last possible days. Really, UBC? Again?

4. 2 words: YELLOW LACES. And then 3 more: I WANT THEM. Also; wondering if my hockey stick's too short.

5. How come our team captain never shows up to games anymore..? Also- what am I supposed to do when hockey season runs out before the academic season (season? year?) does???

Top 5 Awesome Things Of the Week

1. Started planning for the summer! And it involves BEACHES!

2. Lost my phone and someone turned it in to the office! :)

3. Found out that microwaved bagels are awesome.

4. Lots of cool stuff planned- Giants game was last Sunday, and might go to an outdoor skating rink this week!

5. It's March- that means there's gotta be good weather soon, right?

Top 5 Random Things Of The Week

1. I can make oragami paper cranes.

2. Some jobs actually require you to have a sense of direction. And some require you to have a sense of direction when in the forest. Seriously.

3. Some of my friends print their notes on binder paper. It takes a minute to figure out what's weird about the paper when you look at it.

4. Going 'green' is cool and all (so I'm told) but paper cups> reusable ones, because you can DRAW ON THEM!! (picture to come later).

5. I wish more people had picture text messaging. It's so cool to be able to take a picture to say 'here's what I'm doing right this second, like you were right here too'.

Long blog posts make me feel so accomplished.