Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I'm just not cut out for

There are a few things I would never, ever be good at.

1) Catering. It's very hard. Especially hollowing out those little berry tomatoes which are, in fact, very tiny.

2) Any kind of teaching job. Because we all know I just don't believe in patience. Or the constructive part of constructive criticism. And my "3 stars and a wish" is really just "half a star and forty-seven wishes"

3) A photo blog. While I'd obviously be stunningly brilliant at this, I hate uploading pictures. Do you have any idea how much work it takes? You have to hook up the camera, download the files, and then upload the files, one by one, to the blog, and wait for them all to load, and then format them into the text. Seriously. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I'd rather just write the stupid thousand words and be done with it.

4) A restaurant manager. I watched a show about the things that they're supposed to do. Being impatient, a perfectionist, and demanding are not among them.

5) A vegan. I know that's not, like, a job or anything, but wow, would I be the world's worst vegan.

6) A journalist. I get bored whe n I have to retell every little detail about something. Same as doing a blog that's a day-to-day update on what I'm doing. But I don't really believe in those anyways. Because really, no one cares about where you went for lunch if none of your readers live near ther restaurant, and you spend every day basically the same, anyways. That's not writing, that's just listing.

7) A teacher. I know I already said this, but WOW would I be a bad one. Patience! Hah!

8) A judge. I would be very tempted to rule one way or another "because this is my courtroom and I FEEL like it! And yo u can't tell me what to do but I can tell you what to do!" My maturity is spectacular sometimes.

9) A baker. Because batter is the best tasting thing ever.

Just saying.

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