Thursday, March 24, 2011

at one point this week, I had literally 17 tabs open

I just wanted to take the time to say just how much I love Alex.
before anyone jumps to any conclusion- no, I don't have a secret boyfriend/fiance/husband, (but if I did, he'd be a hockey player, for sure) Alex is my computer. I name all my electronics stuff. Behold:

Sid's my netbook. He's super cute and very portable. The background is of Savard and the Bruins!
Jazzy's name is sorta temporary. My ipod touch, and the wallpaper is Burrows and Kesler!
Vladdie's name is also sorta temporary. And yeah, that's a mirror charm. The background is teacups, the ones at the engagement champagne tea party. Some of them belonged to my grandma. They were all laid out before the party.
Alex's background changes every ten seconds. Coolest thing ever.

Oh, I didn't include my printer, Jonathan. Oops..

Anyways. There are more important things to talk about.

Things Open On Alex Right Now
1. an article about how the Philadelphia Flyers have colourful slushees for the players. No joke. The coach saw it in some Australian rugby magazine.
2. Hockey team stats. Not mine, thankfully. We had 62 goals scored on us in 8 games. That's a 7.75 average per game.
3. Translation of a French word I read.
4. A really funny 'holiday gift guide' article. It involves a suggestion for a seven-pound hotdog. Not realistic, but thanks anyways, dude.
5. The reviews of a book I want to get.
6. This blog (but you already knew that)
7. A webseries assignment for my New Media class. We have to write, among other things, the pilot episode. Mine's about a minor league hockey captain making a videojournal for fans.
8. Literary journalism article for my other creative writing class (the one where every minute I spend there is agony). Mine's about hockey strategy. My TA doesn't look like he plays any sports at all, so that basically makes me look like an expert. Cool.
9. Itunes. I like Trading Yesterday right now, mostly because they're one of like, five artists I have in my itunes library. All my songs are on the computers at home. Turns out homesharing doesn't work 1000 miles away, shocker. Shoulda tried it out before leaving the country.
10. Skype. Which I love.
11. Facebook. Which I am ignoring.

I should probably get back to whatever it was I was doing. One of those 11 things, I assume.

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