Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just some short notes

1. I went to the gym yesterday. Awesome, I know.
2. Whenever I manage to find something I'll eat at the caf, they inevitably run out of it. Frequently. (oatmeal that's peanut butter flavour- EWWW)
3. French phrase of the day: "pour le dernier fois- JE SUIS UN ARBRE" that means "for the last time- I AM A TREE" sometimes that class is so very entertaining.
4. I got painfully close to scoring a goal this morning.
5. My friend was talking to me and then suddenly goes "omigod you have three holes in your ear!!" yes. This is true. No cause for alarm.
6. 28 days left!
7. It's crazy sunny today. Happy day!

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