Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My week (or something) in pictures!

Dude, I have over a thousand pageviews! So proud of myself for that.

Anyhow, here's what I've been up to:
Got my name on my jersey!! Doesn't it look SO PRO! Also, there's a C on the front!

Playing lots of hockey! This is the rink where we play a lot. Olympic rink! Also, the stands are always that empty. We haven't exactly got tons of people coming to see us play at like, 11:30 PM. Surprisingly.

Joined the Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity! So far, there was just the first meeting, and afterwards, we all went out drinking together. Jaegerbombs. Not too awful, really.

Missin these guys :) The shortbus squad! On a bus! Hahaha

I put the wrong kind of soap into the dishwasher. That whole thing is filled with bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.
I saw this sign :D "Change furnace filters eh" Only Canada!

Check out the C!!!! (It's crooked cos I took this picture before I had it actually attached)

I went out for dinner with my friends, and saw PAYPHONES. I think there's one in all the town at home.

Super cool Canucks bus.

Someone put bubbles into the fountain in front of Marine Drive!

This is the fountain at 6AM.

Anyhow, that was my week-or-something in pictures! See what an exciting life I lead!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sadly, no cool acronym

I was trying to think of a cool acronym for this kinda update, since I only ever talk about 1)school 2) friends and 3)hockey, but there's no good combination of those...
-SFH sounds like you're breathing really hard
-SHF sounds like you're choking
-HSF sounds like you're reading some foreign word out loud and sounding like a moron
-HFS sounds like hissing
and anyways, they're all terrible.
likewise, any word combinations are also pretty bad-

but all lame acronyms aside:

School is just like always; I had a midterm in French, got good grades on Linguistics assignments, and, oh, yeah, GOT MY FIRST 100% ON A TEST. Yeah. That happened. Scientific reasoning, and probablities! The one with Bayes' formula I think I already talked about.
Friends are epic; got "teambuilding" this weekend! That's just fancy talk for "chilling in a sports bar together to watch the Canucks game."
Hockey is a losing streak as usual - one to nine last night. Our game started at 11:30, and within the first 5 minutes, they'd scored 4 goals. Also, the LITERALLY BIGGEST GUY ON THEIR TEAM HIT ME. Which was so not cool. But, seeing as a) this is canada and b) I'm a girl, he apologized.

I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures easier. Until then, I'm lazy, and won't do it now. Love y'all anyways, though!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy thanksgiving!

Guess where I am- the gym!! Like, literally. On an exercise bike, currently.

Spent last night watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Elena. The new one is very, very creepy. Also, was playing with Grace- she found the way the numbers swoosh up on the itouch lock screen so hilarious. (I have a video of her laughing hysterically at that- so cute!)

Found out that my last exam is Dec. 19. Because clearly UBC hates me sometimes.

Done 300 calories so far!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some really cool things

1. My German teacher knows our names! And it only took him like, two classes! We're starter level German, too, so he must have a bunch of 30-person sections, and somehow, he knows our names!!!
2. I got a C for my jersey! The jersey has yet to come, but I've got that C aaaallll ready for it. Also, I can't WAIT for our jerseys to come - we seriously have such a cool logo.
3. My new favourite singer ever, of all time, is this dude named Alexander Rybak. He's a violinist and sings, and his songs are amazing. So I've been listening to all that on loop. Here are the two I bought on itunes:
4. It's Thanksgiving this weekend!! Still feels weird to have it in October, but whatevs. Monday's a holiday!
5. My hockey team got a registration slot for next semester! I actually forgot to log on at the actual time, and there was ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT, and we GOT IT!! I am thrilled to bits about this. So much.
6. Went to the Law Insider event the pre-law club hosted. It was cool, if terrifying. Law schools are very difficult to get into in Canada - a lot of them had 2,000+ applicants, and accepted UNDER 200 OF THEM. It's stressful.
7. I realized that being Captain of a hockey team will be really cool on an application and stuff - life skills! I didn't even realize that!
8. Turns out I'm a total genius in my Scientific Reasoning class. No, seriously! We had a test, and the formula we usually use looks like this:
P(H) P(E|H)
P(H) P(E|H) + P(~H) P(E|~H)

And in the test, it was totally different, and looked like this:

P(A) P(RG|A)
P(A) P(RG|A) + P(B) P(RG|B) + P(C) P(RG|B)

totally different! It was one problem, and it's about if you have 3 cups filled with different amounts of green and red marbles, and you choose two marbles out of a cup, what's the probability that it was cup A, B or C. That kinda super fun stuff. And it even had a super confusingish part where they didn't replace the marble after drawn, which changed the percentages - ANYWAYS, the point is, we went over it after the text, and I got it right!! I'm so excited to get this test back.
9. Alsoooo I got an in-class essayish thing back, and I got a 4.3 out of 5!

Anyways, more later :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is so typical of UBC :D That leads down to the library, by the way, no matter what the chalk says.

 This is where I play hockey!! My intramural team, The Werewolves, play here! That's OLYMPIC ice, y'all. SO COOL.
Also, my shot on goal got up on that scoreboard! Not a goal, but still a shot.

This is the sailing club place at Jerico beach - where we did Day of the Longboat! I didn't take many pictures, because I didn't have my phone on the boat or anything, but hopefully the school will have some put up soon. It's SO COOL, being part of school events like this!

Anyhow, our heat was at 8:30, so we had to leave here at 7 to catch the bus and stuff. We came in dead last, but it was so fun! Also, there was a hottub on the deck area, so me and my teammate hung out there for a while, which was really awesome. And it was so cold this morning, so the hot tub was a genius idea!