Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is so typical of UBC :D That leads down to the library, by the way, no matter what the chalk says.

 This is where I play hockey!! My intramural team, The Werewolves, play here! That's OLYMPIC ice, y'all. SO COOL.
Also, my shot on goal got up on that scoreboard! Not a goal, but still a shot.

This is the sailing club place at Jerico beach - where we did Day of the Longboat! I didn't take many pictures, because I didn't have my phone on the boat or anything, but hopefully the school will have some put up soon. It's SO COOL, being part of school events like this!

Anyhow, our heat was at 8:30, so we had to leave here at 7 to catch the bus and stuff. We came in dead last, but it was so fun! Also, there was a hottub on the deck area, so me and my teammate hung out there for a while, which was really awesome. And it was so cold this morning, so the hot tub was a genius idea!

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