Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some really cool things

1. My German teacher knows our names! And it only took him like, two classes! We're starter level German, too, so he must have a bunch of 30-person sections, and somehow, he knows our names!!!
2. I got a C for my jersey! The jersey has yet to come, but I've got that C aaaallll ready for it. Also, I can't WAIT for our jerseys to come - we seriously have such a cool logo.
3. My new favourite singer ever, of all time, is this dude named Alexander Rybak. He's a violinist and sings, and his songs are amazing. So I've been listening to all that on loop. Here are the two I bought on itunes:
4. It's Thanksgiving this weekend!! Still feels weird to have it in October, but whatevs. Monday's a holiday!
5. My hockey team got a registration slot for next semester! I actually forgot to log on at the actual time, and there was ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT, and we GOT IT!! I am thrilled to bits about this. So much.
6. Went to the Law Insider event the pre-law club hosted. It was cool, if terrifying. Law schools are very difficult to get into in Canada - a lot of them had 2,000+ applicants, and accepted UNDER 200 OF THEM. It's stressful.
7. I realized that being Captain of a hockey team will be really cool on an application and stuff - life skills! I didn't even realize that!
8. Turns out I'm a total genius in my Scientific Reasoning class. No, seriously! We had a test, and the formula we usually use looks like this:
P(H) P(E|H)
P(H) P(E|H) + P(~H) P(E|~H)

And in the test, it was totally different, and looked like this:

P(A) P(RG|A)
P(A) P(RG|A) + P(B) P(RG|B) + P(C) P(RG|B)

totally different! It was one problem, and it's about if you have 3 cups filled with different amounts of green and red marbles, and you choose two marbles out of a cup, what's the probability that it was cup A, B or C. That kinda super fun stuff. And it even had a super confusingish part where they didn't replace the marble after drawn, which changed the percentages - ANYWAYS, the point is, we went over it after the text, and I got it right!! I'm so excited to get this test back.
9. Alsoooo I got an in-class essayish thing back, and I got a 4.3 out of 5!

Anyways, more later :)


  1. Einstein, you may want to explain that the C is for captain. You start out about classes and then say you have a C, so I thought you got a C grade!!

    it's captain, like Captain Jack Sparrow, everyone forgets the Captain.

  2. When did you start saying things like...thrilled to bits??


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