Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sadly, no cool acronym

I was trying to think of a cool acronym for this kinda update, since I only ever talk about 1)school 2) friends and 3)hockey, but there's no good combination of those...
-SFH sounds like you're breathing really hard
-SHF sounds like you're choking
-HSF sounds like you're reading some foreign word out loud and sounding like a moron
-HFS sounds like hissing
and anyways, they're all terrible.
likewise, any word combinations are also pretty bad-

but all lame acronyms aside:

School is just like always; I had a midterm in French, got good grades on Linguistics assignments, and, oh, yeah, GOT MY FIRST 100% ON A TEST. Yeah. That happened. Scientific reasoning, and probablities! The one with Bayes' formula I think I already talked about.
Friends are epic; got "teambuilding" this weekend! That's just fancy talk for "chilling in a sports bar together to watch the Canucks game."
Hockey is a losing streak as usual - one to nine last night. Our game started at 11:30, and within the first 5 minutes, they'd scored 4 goals. Also, the LITERALLY BIGGEST GUY ON THEIR TEAM HIT ME. Which was so not cool. But, seeing as a) this is canada and b) I'm a girl, he apologized.

I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures easier. Until then, I'm lazy, and won't do it now. Love y'all anyways, though!

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