Friday, January 27, 2012

What have I been up to?

Not updating my blog, for one. I have so much reading to do now! Which is actually super great, but takes a ton of time. I calculated it for David Copperfield- I could read about a page a minute, so it took kind of forever to get through the whole book. (900 pages. Seriously).

Now, we're reading the Moonstone, which is like the first-ever detective novel, and really good!

For big news in sports:
WE WON OUR HOCKEY GAME! My team's never won before! I'm so proud of us :D

Also, won a game in Ultimate! And we had to play outdoors, in the rain, for two hours. It was so, so cold.

Not much else going on.. just tons of reading, it's really cold outside, 3 game days a week... it's all really fun :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'll also make a compromise - you be patient, and I'll do the screaming in lowercase.

1. Shakespeare and Renaissance
This! Class! AH! It is so interesting! Every single class I learn something absolutely fascinating about Henry V (currently reading this play) that I hadn't picked up on. I had no idea Shakespeare was so complex! We talked about how Henry is a Machiavellian figure, and discuss his actions and values and everything, and how he changes throughout the play, and I! Just! Love! This! Class!
2. Old English Lit.
I didn't expect this class to be interesting, I admit. The prof is this upper-middle-aged guy who just looks like he'll be boring. But then every now and then he says stuff that's really funny! He was talking about how some group of people appealed to another to help defend their city, and the new people stayed and "they wrote to their friends and said 'we found thsi new land and the people are defenseless- it would be just marvelous if you'd join us!'" Anyhow, I found that hilarious. Also, he makes all the history and stuff easy to follow. And it's super interesting- today, we talked about just how reliable any of it can be, when it was all written down, and all the writing was done by the Church, seeing as they were the only ones that knew how to write. So! Interesting!
3. Sociology
I'm definitely more into psychology, and not so much group-sociology-stuff, but this class is still interesting, and the prof is really nice and funny! Also, we're doing a bunch of psychology right now. Win!
4. Victorian Novels
I love this class! SO MUCH I CAN BARELY HANDLE IT. We're reading David Copperfield- which is such a great book! I'm only 600 pages in, still have 300 to go (BTW, I started it on Friday. Impressive, non?) and it's so interesting! The characters! Anyways, this prof is also super nice. She was all "it's so weird, right now I don't recognise any of you.. but by the end of semester, it'll be like you're all my kids!!"
5. German
Same prof as last semester, who was super nice. And I don't have a schedule conflict with ball hockey! YAY!

Also, sidenote, I had a backpack today - usually this semester, I have a really cute Canucks purse thingy that I use - because I was going to the grocery store and stuff. (No Frills! SO CHEAP WOW)  Anyways, it made me feel like a high school student! I can't believe I graduated two years ago! Also - I'M TURNING TWENTY IN THIRTY THREE DAYS!! I'm pretty severely flipping out about that.
(Dude! Twenty!) 

Also, ball hockey and Ultimate start this weekend!
And I think being in three different sports pretty officially makes me a jock. I like to think I'm the coolest person in my department. (And hey, we all know that's true).

Also, another crazy thing! My skates were TWO SIZES TOO BIG! I had to get new ones. The guy at the store was pretty mystified. (Also, he asked me if they were MY skates - no, dude, they're my boyfriend's, that's why I'm standing here explaining to you exactly what's wrong with them. Seriously. But it's okay, he turned out to be perfectly nice).

here's a picture out my window: also, I didn't realise I have an ocean view! Weird. I'm more interested in the mountains, to be honest.