Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first day on campus

First day on campus and OMIGOD IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

So, here’s what happened:

1. Got the right bus to the bank, and came back on the right bus. Big accomplishment. Also, the teller there recognized me. By name. I'm impressed.

2. Decided I had to find the ice rink; after switching to rainboots and a heaver umbrella, left the dorm.

3. Met a girl from LA in her third year who didn’t have an umbrella so shared mine. She gave me directions; I only overshot it by a few streets.

4. Man, the ice rink is far from my dorm. The things I do for this sport. Imagine doing that trek with my gear... they don't have lockers. Ah well.

5. Signed up for a 7-week Sunday women’s hockey class- up here, I got recommended to do the intermediate level :D


7. Wait, let me say that again. I SAW THE VANCOUVER NHL TEAM’S PRACTICE. Sure, they were mostly the in the system guys, but. Oh. My. God. THE CANUCKS. ON CAMPUS. EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY WHEN I HAVE NO CLASSES. I couldn't BELEIVE it!!! They were sooooo good.

8. Anyways, then I went to figure out my own hockey stuff. No hockey team yet, but working on it.

9. Found out Australia has a heat wave. It’s pouring here. It’s been pouring since before I got up. 55 degrees. I need to use the dryer, for my jeans, as soon as I get around to buying a laundry card.
10. So now I’m watching tennis, the US Open, and figuring out what I want to do next.

But, wow. One day on campus and I run across THE CANUCKS PRACTICE.

And just. Wow. I mean, they play great, so I can’t imagine what all the teams who beat them are like. These guys were incredible. I talked to a photographer there and he said that some of the guys that summer in Vancouver usually played. But the CANUCKS. At UBC. WHERE I AM.

I can’t get over that. SO COOL.
Once again, I'll do more and stuff later, but that was just. So. Cool.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Very short post about my dorm!

I'll add more later, but for the moment, here's the tour of my room! You will notice that the bed is super high up...
and then i also did the whole thing in french at Avery's request:

and there we go. that's my room, in both languages of Canada! haha.
Longer post later, I promise.

Friday, August 27, 2010

First few days in Canada!

It's really great up here so far. There was a thunderstorm in Richmond and it's cold like October in California, but other than that, everything is awesome.
When we were at the airport in SF, I think it was intern-training week. All these guys were out on the runway wearing yellow vests, following their instructor (the guy in the orangey red vest) around like duckings:
Everywhere he went, they'd all follow him, the entire time they were sitting there at the terminal.

This is our plane, after we landed at the Vancouver airport.
All the suitcases fit in the car, except you couldn't exactly see out the back window.

We got heaps accomplished today and yesterday, including getting this phone, which I have not named yet:
And also getting a driver's license! You're not allowed to smile for those. I think Canadians are trying to give off the impression that they're very serious people, between the driver's license and the passport. Although the guy who took the picture for my student card said "you can smile, it's not like the passport" haha.
It's funny how nice everyone is here. Even the lady at the DMV was really friendly.
And just one last thing- I looked up hockey stores in Vancouver, and the options are endlessly. I've definitely come to the right place.