Monday, July 25, 2011

Replying to comments about UBC

I need to check comments more often. so IF YOU COMMENTED ON THE '50 things about UBC' entry- THIS IS TO YOU!

1. Back to back courses:
Depends on where your classes are, and how busy the areas are. Buchannan A to Buchannan D, takes two minutes. Forestry to Buchannan, like half an hour on foot. (You can ask teachers for permission to leave early/inform them you'll be late to the beginning). But if you want, lemme know what buildings you're looking at, and I can give you an estimate.
If I had to guess- the math building is close to the chemistry building, and if physics is in Hebb, that's right there too. Ten minutes would be enough.
2. Deciding on a major:
Isn't it the hardest thing? I actually switched from creative writing to English for a bunch of reasons, but seriously, it's hard to decide. So good luck with that!

Anyhow, glad you guys liked the post, and I'm always open for questions. Because I'm awesome like that.

(PS- this was posted on the same day as that post below it. But that one's got some important info if you're wondering whether I've dropped off the face of the earth or not)

Sign I'm almost 20: I can't sleep in very late anymore

Pretty much everyone's heard by now, but I'm getting surgery tomorrow. Again, because last-minute-surgery is apparently becoming a summer tradition. Not quite an annual one, though, because it hasn't actually been a whole year since last time.
(On the upside, though this is my second surgery this year, it means I've had the most surgeries of anyone in my family! My mom was winning, but this puts me at four, and that means I win! (Win is extremely relative, here))
Also, I really want to order food while in the hospital. Just to get delivery. Because that'd be cool.

I have three papers to write this week! (Seriously, it all had to be this week). So that sucks. But, I signed up for hockey in September, and it's at 7AM instead of 6, which is nice. Also, I've got really exciting plans for when I go back! I'm really excited about that.

The doctor that puts the tube in remembered me, also. I went to see him, and while he was asking for my info - age, what's going on, etc - he was all "oh... I remember you." Which is probably not an awesome thing, but it was funny. That's like last time, when I was the youngest person in the whole entire ward. (The nurses called me the surgeon's princess, and having a stuffed animal probably didn't help them think I was older).

So, that's what's up. (Seriously, though. What's up with me and late summer lately?)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post 101!!

Probably should have done a thing for post 100, but whatever. POST 101!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!

I have a funny hospital story! It's a year old, though. But it's funny.
Anyways, when I was in for surgery last year, I stayed for a few nights in the hospital. Which was just so super fun and awesome. So, they stuck a tube through my back in the evening on Tuesday, and I stayed overnight. At six AM the next morning, a dude walks into my room, for ANOTHER blood test thing.
(They probably have a vampire on staff who needs all this blood. Just a guess)
So, he gets on the phone to some guy in the lab to ask a question. And he goes,
"Jose? Es Jose! HAHAHAHHAHA"
Let me explain.
Blood taking dude is named Jose. The guy in the lab is named Jose. They've both probably worked at the hospital for like TWENTY YEARS.
And they both STILL find it hilarious that they're both named Jose. Even at six AM!
In retrospect, it's hilarious, but at the time, I sort of wanted to choke Jose and Jose.

That was my funny hospital story!