Friday, February 25, 2011

Update [uhp-deyt, noun]

(did you know that you stress a different syllable when you use 'update' as a verb than when you use it as a noun? uhp-deyt for a noun, uhp-deyt for a verb. How super useful is that knowledge?)

I've been just weirdly busy lately. The week before reading week* was very busy- I had a French midterm* and and Econ midterm*. Then, that weekend, I went to an Olympics thing downtown with two of my friends. We waited in line for an hour in the rain because one of my friends wanted to see whatshisname*, but it was actually a lot of fun. We also had sushi* for lunch. (I got talked into eating raw tuna. I don't know how on earth that happened- I hate tuna, overly spicy things, and raw things. My friend is alarmingly good at convincing). Then, on Sunday, it was my birthday*, which was great! Then I got to go home for a week, and now I'm already back.
This week has been just as busy. Two hockey games*, and geobio midterm*, and today, my fun phone fiasco. I actually lost my cell phone. I have never, never done that. Ever. In my life. (I don't have an expensive phone, but what wasn't a 'what if I lose it' precaution- it was a 'what if I break this one, too' precaution. I never lose phones- I just drop them. Frequently). Anyways, I looked everywhere- and then found out that someone had turned it in! I credit this to good lost phone karma*. A month ago, I found a guy's blackberry at the geography building, and got it back to him. And now, lo and behold, I lose my phone in the same building, and get it returned to me! Awesome. The weekend looks good, too- all-night jazz cafe* tonight, olympics stuff or a movie tomorrow night, and a minors hockey game Sunday, with front row seats!
And a lot of homework stuff, too, unfortunately, but that shouldn't be too bad.

And that was my explanation for why there isn't been a blog post in forever.


Reading week: the not-aptly-named vacation week we had. It's right in the middle of midterms season, and no one picks up a book. Not once.

French midterm: Grammar. Lots and lots of grammar, because it's no longer okay to just convey your ideas, now you have to be as grammatically-correct as you are in English. Includes the dreaded translation section, where you will struggle to remember the word for "telescope" and "summit" (no, seriously. I got marks off for forgetting the accents in 'telescope').

Econ midterm: Included math. Unfairly.

Whatshisname: some olympic figure skater. Sorry, I was busy watching them use the ice for a slightly more violent purpose. Namely, USA/Russia/Every other country-dominating. The figure skater- Patrick Chan- was very nice though. It's not his fault they didn't give him a stick/puck for his skating.

Sushi: the newly discovered greatest thing on the planet. Except when my friend convinces me to eat things before telling me what they are. Sure, last time it was just tofu, but what if it's eel next time?

Birthday: Turning 19 in BC was the coolest thing ever.

Hockey games: A loss in one league (just like every other game thus far) and a win in the other (second this season). So a net of zero- unless you factor in all the other games, which puts us at a net of -24 or something. Still very fun though, don't get me wrong :) Even losing 3-11 (yes, that happened) and 5-11 (yes, sadly, that happened too) doesn't make it anything less than fun. Something about feeling incredibly superior to everyone else on Earth just because you can skate well does that to you.

Geobio midterm: one of the greatest disasters ever. Worse than calculus.

Good lost phone karma: When you find someone else's lost phone and go out of your way to return it to them, it ensures that next time you lose your phone, someone else will do the same.

All-night jazz cafe: my friend's new project. She took over part of the commons block lounge, and somehow recruited a volunteer staff to sell homemade baked goods, found enough jazz music to play, got a mic for open-mic time, and arranged to have the lounge for 24 hours.

Friday, February 4, 2011

In which we have a pros and cons list without any cons

Lot's been happening recently, and all of it's good!

1. I moved out of my room! I moved into a single room in another house, so I don't have to deal with my roommate's super late nights (And by "super late" I mean "early morning," like 2 AM)

2. Found out that Tim Horton's takes the meal card- awesome news.

3. I've got friends in every class now, which is very fun and quite helpful.

4. It wasn't quite as cold today, which was really, really nice.

5. Look at what I wore today!
This is my "someone loves me very much" scarf :) My mom made it for me!

Anyways, this was my 'pros and cons' list of the current situation, except there's nothing for the 'con' list, so this was just all good things. Happy days :)