Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first day on campus

First day on campus and OMIGOD IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

So, here’s what happened:

1. Got the right bus to the bank, and came back on the right bus. Big accomplishment. Also, the teller there recognized me. By name. I'm impressed.

2. Decided I had to find the ice rink; after switching to rainboots and a heaver umbrella, left the dorm.

3. Met a girl from LA in her third year who didn’t have an umbrella so shared mine. She gave me directions; I only overshot it by a few streets.

4. Man, the ice rink is far from my dorm. The things I do for this sport. Imagine doing that trek with my gear... they don't have lockers. Ah well.

5. Signed up for a 7-week Sunday women’s hockey class- up here, I got recommended to do the intermediate level :D


7. Wait, let me say that again. I SAW THE VANCOUVER NHL TEAM’S PRACTICE. Sure, they were mostly the in the system guys, but. Oh. My. God. THE CANUCKS. ON CAMPUS. EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY WHEN I HAVE NO CLASSES. I couldn't BELEIVE it!!! They were sooooo good.

8. Anyways, then I went to figure out my own hockey stuff. No hockey team yet, but working on it.

9. Found out Australia has a heat wave. It’s pouring here. It’s been pouring since before I got up. 55 degrees. I need to use the dryer, for my jeans, as soon as I get around to buying a laundry card.
10. So now I’m watching tennis, the US Open, and figuring out what I want to do next.

But, wow. One day on campus and I run across THE CANUCKS PRACTICE.

And just. Wow. I mean, they play great, so I can’t imagine what all the teams who beat them are like. These guys were incredible. I talked to a photographer there and he said that some of the guys that summer in Vancouver usually played. But the CANUCKS. At UBC. WHERE I AM.

I can’t get over that. SO COOL.
Once again, I'll do more and stuff later, but that was just. So. Cool.

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