Sunday, March 27, 2011

I feel awesomely productive when I post a lot

I'm putting off homework, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.

Just wanted to share the fact that it was sunny today:
Quite cold, but still sunny.

And here's the Semester Two update on Things I've Learned At College:
(I don't remember if there was a Semester One list or not)
  1. It's only sunny when you're stuck indoors
  2. The common room furniture is arranged in strange ways at frequent intervals
  3. Tables are often stacked on top of each other.
  4. Couches go well on top of tables. It gives you a good view of the TV
  5. Recycling is good and all, but when the bin is full of beer/vodka/etc bottles, "wow, they're super Earth-friendly!" is not the first thought that goes through people's minds. Guaranteed. (Well, except for that green-freak who buys organic shoes and bikes everywhere).
  6. People aren't good at remembering they were doing laundry and that it needs to be moved to the dryer
  7. The greatest feature of apartments is that they have more than one room. It'd be nice not to live in a bedroom/kitchen/linen closet/office/living -room combo
  8. The cheapest ice time is the least convenient. Also, it comes with the weirdest referees. (see list below)
  9. Caf food sucks. Still.
  10. Mountains are cool places to go.
  11. Only some kinds of tape stick to the walls well.

Referees you encounter at cheap ice times
1. New Ref: This ref hasn't done much reffing before, and is very nervous but trying to hide it. Every single call is final. Even the obviously wrong ones. And the ones that the "tripped" player admits were their own fault. Yeah, even those.
2. Drunk Ref: This ref is slightly out of it. And makes interesting calls, if any at all. Surprises people when he shows up sober.
3. Brawler Ref: This ref encourages the underdog team to play dirty. Suggests illegal checking techniques. Then tries to get them to flat-out punch opponents. Can be found after the game having a spirited discussion with an underdog-team player about how unsportsman-like the other team played, and tries to get the player to promise to go after them next time.
4. Bored Ref: this ref doesn't make many calls, and gets a little frustrated with repeat offenders who just can't remember what offsides is. Is liable to do anything to make the game more interesting, like playing goalie himself or not bothering to make the players wear matching jerseys.
5. Spirited Ref: this ref likes to play. So if one team's short a few players, will ditch the reffing job and play for them.


  1. I just LOVE your observations !!! You always hit the nail right on the head. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you.

  2. Wow the SUN is out in Vancouver. It's because whenever I see the sun here I keep thinking of sending it your way, so it finally worked :)


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