Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Top Five's Of The Week

Remember this format? Awesome stuff.

Top 5 Lies of the Week:

1. Again, this is not a weekly list.

2. "No, I can't see a movie tomorrow. I'm busy. Yeah, all day. Like, the entire day. All of it. Sorry."

3. "Sure, take my spot on defense. I don't mind."

4. "Yeah, I find this lecture topic really interesting too."

5. "My room is clean right now."

Top 5 Quotes of the Week:

1. "Vehicular manslaughter is not my cup of tea"

2. "I want a koala on my head!"

3. "Can't we take a bus instead of walking 10 blocks?" "Walking keeps me warm!"

4. "I am never wrong" (French prof)

5. "Can I see your desk lamp?"

Top 5 Places To Go Of The Week

1. The gym. Although going the day before a hockey game isn't a good idea. Neither is the day before a hockey game that's two days before a super early game so it's like having an intense workout three days in a row without really sleeping at all. Yeah. That.

2. G-Max Sports. Ten times. Because seriously, how have the yellow laces I want STILL not come in? It's been a month!

3. The ice rink. Two times a week.

4. The common room on my floor. For three minutes, until I realize that there's no wifi, and my homework is entirely online.

5. Econ lab, which, by the way, is canceled. Thanks for telling me ahead of time.

Top 5 Lessons/Screw Ups of the week

1. When checking a schedule, ensure that it is for the correct day.

2. Ensure that the class you assume is happening is actually happening.

3. Sometimes, the snow makes buses and the Skytrain shut down. Good thing other people remembered that.

4. It rains. Even when the sky is totally clear, it rains.

5. Looking at beachside resorts in the winter is another form of torture.

Top 5 Problems Of The Week

1. Every PC game ever comes out like, six months after the x-box 360 version. That's favouritism, and it's wrong.

2. Alex's webcam. (That's my laptop, btw). Some random other program opens up every time I skype. Weird.

3. Exam schedule's out- my last one is April 27th, one of the last possible days. Really, UBC? Again?

4. 2 words: YELLOW LACES. And then 3 more: I WANT THEM. Also; wondering if my hockey stick's too short.

5. How come our team captain never shows up to games anymore..? Also- what am I supposed to do when hockey season runs out before the academic season (season? year?) does???

Top 5 Awesome Things Of the Week

1. Started planning for the summer! And it involves BEACHES!

2. Lost my phone and someone turned it in to the office! :)

3. Found out that microwaved bagels are awesome.

4. Lots of cool stuff planned- Giants game was last Sunday, and might go to an outdoor skating rink this week!

5. It's March- that means there's gotta be good weather soon, right?

Top 5 Random Things Of The Week

1. I can make oragami paper cranes.

2. Some jobs actually require you to have a sense of direction. And some require you to have a sense of direction when in the forest. Seriously.

3. Some of my friends print their notes on binder paper. It takes a minute to figure out what's weird about the paper when you look at it.

4. Going 'green' is cool and all (so I'm told) but paper cups> reusable ones, because you can DRAW ON THEM!! (picture to come later).

5. I wish more people had picture text messaging. It's so cool to be able to take a picture to say 'here's what I'm doing right this second, like you were right here too'.

Long blog posts make me feel so accomplished.


  1. pictures can be posted on the blog too for us dinosaurs :-)

  2. Text pictures are cooler.
    And also easier, for us lazy people :D


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