Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Do List

So I woke up at noon today- but I was still extremely productive! Get this:

To Do List:
  • Return library books. (I actually checked out books from one of the school's libraries. For a translation project from French to English for creative writing. We had a choice, to do that or to write poetry; some people were complaining that they had to do poetry by default, since they didn't speak a second language. Suckers! Bilingualism rocks).
  • Check out The Notebook (this one didn't happen. Because of the eight gazillion books the libraries have, this is not among them. Okanagan, however, has it. Wow).
  • Laundry (still have to do this. Sheets and stuff. I'm really bad at laundry. Like, I've forgotten it for 4 hours and someone else evicted it from the washing machine, I've put money in the wrong dryer, I've forgotten detergent... mixing up colours just wasn't creative enough for me, obviously).
  • Vacuum (Not that it did much good. Lame vacuum).
  • Grocery Shopping (This is an incredibly interesting experience. My grocery list is pretty random: wheat bread, sponge, dish soap, itunes card, popsicles, frozen stuff, chocolate chips, like eight kinds of fruit. Lots of healthy stuff; think of the person in front of you in line who's got all the healthy stuff who makes you want to kick them in the shins. It's like that).
  • Econ homework (Done! Four labs for one week was a lot..)
  • French reading (I love surprises, really. Finding out I have to read 25 pages of an old French novel for this week if I want to be done in time for the test? Freaking awesome).
  • Geobio lab (something to do with population indices? By the way- the plural of index isn't just indexes, it's also indices, and that sounds cool).
  • French workshop thing (done and done)
  • Video game character (character write-up. As usual, I got overly psychological on mine. Used the K├╝bler-Ross model of grief as a reference, despite the fact that the video game we're making up wouldn't even give my character a speaking part. But a backstory is important- and psychlogy is really, really important!)
  • Subjunctive worksheet (still avoiding this one. I failed a subjunctive test seven times in high school French. It's a tough unit- and makes no sense! Why oh why do the French need so many nuances to their verbs, and yet don't want more nouns?)
  • Clean room somewhat (Done! The 'somewhat' is a key term here, by the way)
So I got a lot of stuff done today. Only have French and geobio left. Cool stuff.

And check out the awesome laces I got! Yellow's the colour of ... um... giverism!
(To 'giver', by the way, is to like, give it your all. Just to clear that up. Because this reminds me of the time I said 'i'm going to the grocery store atm' and it was assumed I was going to the ATM as well. And, no. I meant atm- at the moment. Just. So we all know).

Also! Heard this, and it's funny:

"A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound"

hahaha :)

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