Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I can't help it if my life is 100% exciting 200% of the time.

First up, in sports news: I am so excited for next season!! (Or semester. As most people call it. The loserfaces). So, I've got my hockey team (We're the Werewolves. Because I thought, what's an animal that could eat anything? I want something FEAR INSPIRING). and the early-morning hockey, and now the Ultimate team (Team Rocket! haha) AND YESTERDAY I JOINED A BALL HOCKEY TEAM. I'm excited for that, it should really help my stickwork! AND THIS IS SO EXCITING SO I'M SCREAMING IT, MY NEW JERSEY ok not jersey more like t-shirt because not every sport is as cool as hockey NUMBER IS 80. It's ok, beacuse it still has an 8 in it. And 8 is MY NUMBER.

School stuff: Only a few more days of classes! More like one, because I only have one class on Friday. YESYESYES.

Crazy technology stuff: Mom got a Blackberry! AND SO I CAN BBM HER ALL THE TIME CONSTANTLY NONSTOP. I am so excited. (But really sad I'm not rightright there to help her learn how to use it :(that's sad.)

We had a presentation for linguistics, and we bribed people who came by our poster with candycanes.
 This presentation took place in THE LITERALLY MIDDLE OF NOWHERE OMIGOD:

Seriously, if you ignore the pavement and ceramic pot, it's like a scene out of the barren tundra wastelands of northern Canada.

This is our SUPER SMART SOUNDING poster on neurolinguistics. NEUROLINGUISTICS! Yes, I am that smart.

SEE?! That! Is on campus! A WASTELAND, I TELL YOU. (Again, ignore the houses, the nicely cut grass, and the fact that there's a soccer field approximately half a meter to the right and left of the frame).

Also, here is a list of super awesome things:
1. My English prof's office hours! I've seen her twice in the last week for help on my term paper
2. My term paper! It's genius. About twelfth night being Carnival on a grand scale, and role reversals proving that traditional roles are non-effective. (I sound so smart)

Sorry, I got bored of the list.
Also, Christmas is coming up! But I'm kinda not looking forward to that, because of the stupid kidney procedure thing. Except I'll get to see my favourite nurse EVER IN THE UNIVERSE, so that's better.

I'm going to go to the gym! HOW SUPER EXCITING.
(It's been a caps-lock-palooza for my last few blog posts).

Didn't end up going to the gym - went for a run. For ten minutes. Because after about 5, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. (Or legs).SO COLD

Also, I have a popsicle.

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