Friday, November 25, 2011


(It's okay, I'll stop now)
(I've been yelling all day! And by that, I mean I've been texting J the lyrics to that old song in Top Gun in caps, because I've been scream-singing it in my head all day: You've lost that LOOOOVIIINNNN FEEELIIINNNN!!!)

Anyhow, I'm actually being quiet right now. (I know, right! Hard to believe!)

I'm working on my term paper! And it's not due for a week! I AM SO AHEAD.
See that? That's DARK CHOCOLATE HOT CHOCOLATE!! (I know I said I'd stop screaming. I'm sorry)

Anyhow, I've got a sentence of my first paragraph and an outline, so far.
Also the dude at the counter was all "were you here last time? :) " and I felt bad saying that no, I wasn't. Not that he seemed disappointed. (However, nothing better happen! Last time a guy at a shop liked me, I ended up having to figure out what hours he wasn't working. It's so inconvenient!)

Also, want to know what is SO EXTREMELY EXCITING?!?! (more shouting. Sorry)
The mountains were all white today!!!

The mountains are pretty much my favourite part of Vancouver. And I know you can baaarely make them out in that picture, but trust me, there're there. And they're snowy.

 AND LOOK HOW MANY LEAVES THERE ARE!! I wanted to jump in it... except it was gross. So I didn't.
 Also (This is an old picture) I was at Fright Nights! Did I mention that? It was supposed to be a fun Halloween carnival except that there was some purely terrifying stuff in the haunted houses. HOUSES. AS IN MORE THAN ONE. AS IN I SURVIVED LIKE SEVEN OF THEM IN ONE NIGHT. It was scary. That warrants screaming.
 Also! It snowed! It's gone now (actually it was gone later that same day) but! Yay!
 And I'd gone up to Grouse with K with the sole intention of eating nachos. Which are basically my favourite food ever. (Also? I'm a super awesome girl to hang out with, because I like nachos and mountains and scary movies. I don't make people eat healthy food, go to lame places, or watch stupid stuff like Glee or whatever) (Sorry, Gleeks! But ALL THAT SINGING! And sorry, but high school themed stuff is so over.)

That is a traffic cone. In a tree. It's been there for days.

I went to see Breaking Dawn a week ago! (Seriously!)
It was the funniest thing ever! Although I'm sure the other people didn't appreciate my constant snickering. Seeing as they weren't funny parts.
Like when Edward brings *Spoiler! Just kidding, because really, who even cares!* Jacob to the wedding as a wedding present. Like! WHO DOES THAT? "Hey, new wife, he's that guy that is soooo in love with you! Zing, Jacob!" Maybe Edward is just super mean
And then later, Bella was all *Spoiler! HAHAHA* "I'm naming this baby EJ if it's a boy - Edward Jacob" at least she had the decency to give it her HUSBAND'S name first, before her OLD BOYFRIEND'S. Seriously, Bella, do you THINK before you speak? "Oh, hey husband, I love you and all, but like, let's name OUR BABY after MY EX BOYFRIEND." I think I'll try that in ten years and see if that flies with Mr. Future Husband. I can probably talk him into naming babies after hockey greats, but if I throw a "oh hey, my ex's name was xxxx and that would be a great middle name" at him, I'm preeeeetttyyy sure he wouldn't dig it. Like, way to rub it in Edward's face that not only were you with another guy before (guys seem to dislike that. Seriously! My boyfriends have always had MAJOR problems with my ex's, be them ex-boyfriends, ex-flings, ex-flirts, whatever! Even though they don't live in the same country, even! (I seem to have a American/Canadian/American/Canadian/American habit going))
Anyways. I will not be naming my future son Ryan Ex'sName, or Alex ThatGuyWhoMyHusbandWishesHarmUpon.
Seriously, Bella. How did you miss THAT lesson? (Oh, right, when you got married at 18 after some heavy-duty stalking. Zing!)

And speaking of baby names, she names the baby *Spoiler! Oh, haha, no one CARES* Renesmee. Which is (get ready to applaud Bella's creativity, folks) her mother's name smushed against Edward's mum's name! Renee-Esmee. Two names I dislike put together! Dude. Did she ever think a little girl might not like the name Reeeneeessmmeee? How about something PRETTY for a little girl, Bella?! I mean, imagine if *I* did that.
Let's assume Mr. Future Husband's mom's name is... hm... Suzanne. So we'd get Rozanne. (acutally, that's kinda pretty. Let me try again). Suzala! See! It sounds like... a dance! Or salsa!
I'd much rather go with my first choice for a girl - Ana. (Or, hey, Rozanne was pretty sweet. I better go marry someone who's mom's name is Suzanne!)

Aaaaaanyyywaaayyyssss. I'm reading Twilight to J right now, (Not seriously. It's more of a laugh-hysterically-at-every-page event) so expect some line-by-line critique.
(And you know that when I say "critique" I mean "even more mocking." Yay!)

One more week of classes! Check out my finals:
1) Linguistics: THERE IS NONE HAHAHAHAHA. But we do have a presentation on a research article we read. On Neurolinguistics. Soooo did not sign up to study the brain. I HATE studying the brain- it's so complex!
2) English : there's an essay and another suuuper fun 'what author/piece/importance' of passages section. Wooo.
3) Scientific Reasoning. THIS WILL BE A NIGHTMARE. BECAUSE IT IS A MATH CLASS. I STILL can't believe I did that to myself!
4) German : Soooo not worried. It's German! I get 80's when I don't study. Also, my pronunciation is the bomb.
5) French : Grammar! Suuuuch a nightmare!

Doesn't that all sound like fun.

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