Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've had basically the best week ever. Well, I could say summer in general, but it's not actually over yet, and that would be like, jinxing it?
Well, not really. Jinxing is like fortune telling. (The connection there is that they're both lies, btw)
I mean, really, I'm like 99.9% sure things will continue in their usual awesome manner. But, like mom kept saying to me during college applications- well, lemme explain this one more. When I was choosing colleges, I had 2 choices, UBC and then, if not, UCSD. (Sorry, UCSD, for the second-best spot. You don't have hockey. You may as well have told me that English isn't a major and, by the way, every class is at 6AM. Seriously). And my mom said I needed to have more options, because, as she said "sure, you'll get into UBC, but what if tomorrow, it's hit by a meteor and wiped off the face of the earth? Then you'll need a backup!"
Story over. (The point was, that could happen. And that would be not-awesome).

Anyways, that had a more depressing moral than I thought it would. So to move on to the list of really awesome things (followed by the list of real-life things that also happen, so no one hates me for being too cheery)
1. I got an internship! It's at a really, really cool company called Mozaik, and they have this app they do for shows and movies and stuff. Anyways, it's super cool, and they've been using me as their poster story for a few years now.
2. My classes! I'm getting good grades! There's basically nothing in the universe better than that.
3. That author signing I went to was so cool. He signed my book! (Wow, that seemed like a very Captain Obvious thing to say).
4. That INTERNSHIP! I am so, so excited for it! Originally, I decided that classes>working for me this summer, and didn't look for a job. But then my neighbour came to me and asked if I wanted to interview, and even though I have classes, still. Super awesome jobs are worth having less free time for. Because it's SO EXCITING!!
5. Also, I get to dress for work! With cute shoes and nice clothes and everything. I'm so excited for that part too!
6. It's super hot outsideeeee! Nice after the snow all winter.

and now, the realistic list, so as to keep people from going "ooh, good for you! It's all sunshine and butterflies in your life! I HATE YOU"
1. I can only now walk properly again. Since the end of March I couldn't, then I went to the doctor and he made it SO MUCH WORSE for a good month or so before making it better. (Well, this is sort of a good-list thing).
2. I can't play hockey until September! Because of the first thing.
3. THE CANUCKS LOSING. This would be #1, but I didn't want to start out on a miserable point.
4. Well, at least it was the Bruins they lost to. I do love the Bruins. Not quite as much, but still. (Obviously I'm not good at thinking negatively).

Yeah, I'm giving up on the bad list. It was basically an extension of the good list. Which is good!

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