Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The freshman orientation, IMAGINE, is over, and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't embarassing like upperclassmen said, just harmlessly boring.
1) Met in groups. and played MORE icebreakers. It's all they ever do. And it's always the same game. Imagine musical chairs- but without chairs, so it's like "honour system" for whether you got the spot or not. Just people standing in a circle, so there's no defined spot. Totally Canadian thing- I can't imagine people cheating. hahaha
2) Had the dean talk. Not too bad, just a little dry.
3) Went on a campus tour. Very useless; tellling us which building is which would be awesome.
4) Pep rally- lots of screaming, etc etc. One cool thing- it was at the Olympic arena, and we sat on the floor at about centre ice. That was sweet.
5) "Main Event" was just a bunch of booths about clubs. Yeah, there's a bigger/better club fair next week. We'll hit that up instead.

And that was IMAGINE.
They had a dr-seussey-sounding speech at IMAGINE. It was.. odd...

Classes start tomorrow and I've got two friends in at least one :)

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