Monday, September 20, 2010

Things That Aren't As Bad As You Might Think They Are

The Rain
You get used to it. I carry an umbrella pretty much every day. And today, it rained, but it was still sunny-ish!

The Food
So variety isn't big for me, but whatever. The few options I have are quite good.

The Showers
Think hockey locker room, but cleaner. And without that post-practice exhaustion.

Learning A New Transit System
It makes way more sense than the one at home, and it's very straightforward. And everyone is so willing to help you!

Not Having Wifi In The Dorms
At least the commonsblock has it. Although the internet went out at the dorms for hours yesterday, and everyone was hanging out in the commonsblock with their laptops.

The Half Hour Walk To Hockey
It's just more exercise.

Although, just a sidenote: it was pretty hard coming up with a list of things that aren't good. And, obviously, they've all got their good points. Pretty sweet set-up, I gotta say.


  1. Hi Sara,

    We have been following your blog. You are very funny, clever, and entertaining! We are so glad you are doing well! Keep up the good work! Love and hugs, Karen, Paul, Rebecca, Thomas and Jennifer :)

  2. Sounds good to me. Having food ready without the work or cleanup, I can get used to that for a while. But then I would want more variety. I think about you whenever we eat something you like. But we're not making cookie-brownies untl you get back. And no hard lemonade.....but it's a long time till Dec 20ish. Mom :)


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