Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pop quiz!

1. Do comments work on this blog?
A) yes, because I am amazing
B) yes, because I am brilliant
C) yes, because I am talented
>D) all of the above

2. How was the math workshop?
A) not many people were in the class
B) we do problems on chalkboards
C) it was confusing but in the Star Trek building
>D) all of the above

3. How was creative writing?
A) 3 hours long
B) all about formatting a screenplay
C) I met 3 people
>D) all of the above

4. How was the weather?
A) cold
B) rainy
C) getting used to it
>D) all of the above

5. Anything particularly interesting happen?
A) a fire alarm went off really, really this morning in another building, not like we even heard it at mine though
B) we won the house scavenger hunt
C) I'm starting to get uses to Celsius
>D) all of the above

Answers: D


  1. How come the answer for all is D?

  2. It's a trick quiz. 90% of students fail :)


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