Saturday, September 11, 2010

couple updates

11:00 wake up
12:00 have breakfast
12:30 decide that having no food in the room is inconvenient
12:45 decide that meeting friends at a mexican festival is unwise when this is the only time I have to go to safeway
1:00 walk to bus loop
1:20 walk to other bus loop
2:00 take a bus to Safeway
2:20 get essential-to-live groceries-
  • sourdough
  • hot chocolate
  • chocolate/sugary/frosted (as in all 3, not one of the above) cereal
  • grapes (my roommate and I have been trying to figure out what a good price even is)
  • popcorn (low-cal and low-salt choices were nonexistant)
  • these weird cracker/chocolate things
  • latest issue of Cosmo
  • bagel
3:30 walk all the way back to the dorms
4:00 actually do homework
4:20 make hot chocolate; it's better with milk
4:45 realize there's no dish soap in the kitchen
5:00 finish French homework
5:20 someone just came in to borrow a can opener
5:21 "no, I know the sign says 'Sara' but it's really not pronounced like that."
5:22 "Yeah, our room is really big"
5:23 "Yeah, it is cold in here."
5:24 "well, we're airing out the room... yeah, go ahead and close the window."
5:25 "No, I'm a Sharks fan, really. Hometeam."
5:26 "I doubt I'll be having much fun, actually, I'm doing homework."
5:27 Go back to what I was doing

6:00 will meet friend to sign up for AMS special-interest one-time class
6:20 will go to the library to print out sign-up forms and turn them in
7:15 Ice skating at the rink on campus

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