Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Contest Winner!

Last time, the special feature question asked who my calculus professor looks like, based on these clues:

1) His name is Hikaru
2) The numbers "1966" and "2009" are important
3) "Uh, I'm not sure what's wrong here...."

Dad guessed it- the answer is Sulu!

In case you're wondering, "1966" is when the Star Trek show first aired, and "2009" is when the new movie came out. The quote is from the movie, as Prof. Chau looks more like the movie Sulu.

Sadly, there is no prize. Unless someone would like to donate one. However, I cannot promise than any donated prizes would actually make it to the winner. (Particularly if those prizes are edible).

1 comment:

  1. I OBJECT. first of all: i think this contest was rigged. i mean seriously?!?!?! I DID have a prize to donate but NOT ANYMORE. You can keep your silly little I-don't-have-a-prize-but-you-can-donate-one-and-I-won't-admit-this-contest-was-rigged attitude to YOURSELF next time.

    Love ya :) TUCK


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