Friday, September 24, 2010

Here are the little things I miss:
1. Sourdough
2. Wearing shorts
3. Hockey practice at Iceland
4. Toast
5. One dollar bills
6. DVD players
7. Not having to schedule printing based on the weather
8. Big refrigerators
9. Open toed shoes
10. Not needing an umbrella

Otherwise, it's very nice here and I love it.


  1. pretty funny on the one dollar bills.... is your fridge running? Better catch it! Delivery incoming also..... :-)

  2. Actually, the fridge is leaking and is unplugged....
    :) can't wait!

  3. Toast? What do you mean you don't have TOAST? have they like never heard of toasters in the great white north???? haha i'd laugh if you thought it was fine to go print then when you got down to the door... there's a huge rainstorm :)

    anyways... TOAST?


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