Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself:

1: Do I really have to get up at 7:40 for a 9AM class?
2: Did I really think hitting the snooze button would really help?
3: Is it weird that I always have the same thing for breakfast?
4: Why don't I have a better eraser?
5: Will the calc professor mind all these eraser marks?
6: Will I get to class on time?
7: Have I got great timing, or what?
8: How cool is it that the professor started class with a song I love?
9: Why did she make us bring 50 pages of articles if we only refer to one?
10: How many times can we review what "citation" is?
11: Why is the French classroom so cold?
12: Are we really doing the present tense again?
13: Why can't French grammar just make sense?
14: Why isn't there a cafe at this study spot?
15: Why can't I have such an awesome chair in my room?
16: What are those girls doing with all that purple fabric?
17: Why don't they have smartboards in math class?
18: Why didn't calculus make this much sense before?
19: How many people are in this class?
20: Is my econ class also 300 people?
21: What should I have for lunch?
22: What'll I do when I get tired of the vegetable wrap bread here?
23: Why are there so many people in the lecture hall?
24: Why is this professor so boring?
25: How can he manage to say nothing while talking so long?
26: How cool is it that my econ workshop is cancelled?
27: Why did we even waste our time coming to this professor's office hours if he didn't even help?
28: Who else will show up in the commonsblock?
29: Isn't it a little early for dinner?
30: Why can't they have burritos every day?
31: Should I start working again?
32: Why won't comments work on my blog still?
33: What should I do for my storyboard?

Speaking of that thing, I should go do it... :)

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  1. Maybe not the same ones, but I ask myself questions all the time. Is the weekend over already? Why can't Bobby do his music practice without me reminding him? What am I going to make for dinner? What should I put in the school lunches? And why do I have to think of what everyone else eats? Why does Roya nevr have time to go for a walk? Do these things matter to anyone else?


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