Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day Of Classes, part 1

(Before I go on, in case you're wondering, part 2 is tomorrow, because I have new classes tomorrow, too)
Anyways. I had ASTU, French, Math and 2 Econs today.

1) ASTU.
For anyone who doesn't know, that's a research/writing class. The class is fairly small, mostly girls, and the teacher is very nice. She told us about how she learned to drive a car. And crashed it. The moral was that to learn something, you need instructions, hands-on practice and an overall theme. She, by the way, was practically wearing a suit. Like, a nice jacket and dress slacks and everything. The girl next to me, it turned out, was from my building, so we're going to walk to class together.

2) French
There were only 10 minutes between these two, but it was fine because they're in the same building, just a floor apart. The teacher is, I believe, French. She spoke only French to us, and it was pretty easy to understand. We all had to introduce our neighbours, and there are some people who speak more fluently than others, but I think everyone understood it all.

3) Math
Calculus was an hour after French, so I went to the library and printed up the 50 pages we need for French, it's a workbook for the class. And by the way, math is in this seriously Harry-Potter-esque building (just like the place where I went to print). It's stone with ivy and everything, and inside is all old-fashioned. The class is seriously huge, an entire lecture hall. This is the only class where we actually did stuff, but it was just reviewing functions and all. Not too bad.

4) Econ
This was an hour after math, so first I got lunch with my roommate. Econ was just as big, if not bigger, than math. I think they almost ran out of seats. The professor, it turns out, is the nice econ one. He didn't really know how to use a computer so well. And when giving us the URL, he said " dot h-t-m-L!!! because without the L, you will not find it". He was really funny. And he said to call him by his first name, because his last name was hard to pronounce and anyways, his wife called him by his first name, unless she wanted something, in which case she would say "hey, you" and he said he'd look around and see no one else and realize she meant him. So that prof was nice.

5) Econ Discussion
There was nothing really taught in econ, so there was nothing to discuss. The class waited around, no teacher came, so we all left after 10 minutes.

And that's everything :)

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