Friday, October 1, 2010

By the way...

Calculus is starting to look a lot like A Thousand And One Nights. Instead of a story within a story within a story, there's a derivativee within a derivative of a function. I like the stories better.

I've decided I would like to speak Russian one day. As well as French and German and Italian. I'm already... let's see... a fourth and a bit of the way there!

Tim Horton's is so much better than Starbucks. How is it that the USA can function without these stores? They have an adorably tiny drink size! And it's so good! And also, get this- a small iced capp was less than $3. And it tastes way better, too. Eat that, Starbucks.

My trend of laptop naming is catching on. I forced my friend to name his laptop, and my friend wants to name hers. Seriously, it makes the computer work better.

I went to Art History class yesterday. Econ had ended, and we wanted to get more work done, so we just stayed and worked during the lecture. Half of it was interesting. The other half was boring.

There's ice skating tonight!


  1. Eleven states have Tim's but not Claifornia regrettably.....


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