Monday, October 4, 2010

Captain's Log, stardate 64224.2

Captain's Log, stardate 64224.2

For future reference, the stardate is calculated correctly, as was referenced.

Observations were of a peculiar nature today, and are as follows:

-Raccoons are often seen in the daytime; this is not typical of other locations, but this has happened with some frequency at the current location.

-While en route to check postal correspondance, came across an art gallery; there were a variety of pieces displayed, including Van Gough's Starry Night. Did not purchase one, but am considering finding a Da Vinci poster at another location, i.e. online.

-There appears to be an elevator-like instalment outside one of the Buchannan buildings.

The following should also be noted:
-Have begun texting a friend in French to improve xenolinguistics
-Have commenced studying Russian, although reading vocabulary is currently at 1 word.
-The weather is fairly cold; the weather report is not to be trusted.

For the record, it should be noted that no other officers have been added to the crew currently; applications are still being accepted. Said applications should include name, and any applicable skills.

To be continued at a following stardate.


  1. hilarious captain!! I may apply, depends on what exactly is your mission. Can you define?

    What's up with the raccoons? I'd stay away from anything not natural, as their behavior seems very unatural

  2. 4-year mission with possible extension. Mission is to explore and study new forms of knowledge and to expand universal understanding.

  3. Captain did any new happen?


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