Monday, October 18, 2010

Some awesome quotes

While sitting in on (read: hiding in the top row of a class I'm not enrolled in just to use the outlets) a visual art class:
"You'll get to print your piece- but it's disappointing. The screen glows at you- and ink doesn't."
and then later,
"It's all in your magic layers."
After going to math tutoring with my friend she said:
"He's so awesome, it's like he's making up for all the awful tutors out there. He is our gift from God!"

My roomie, on being late for class:
"I am known for being late to class- but not late, because I never miss any information. I sit down right before they start."

About our econ professor:
"He just hates Americans. Now he says we drove SUV's just because someone told us to? Well he's just jealous that we understand capitalism."

My econ professor:
"See, that's why I don't show the calculations... there's a mistake... but there, let's move on, and forget it happened. It's not the end of the world."
(2 classes previously:
"So I made a mistake, it's not the end of the world")

My floormate:
"I don't remember what I did, but people are telling me things- I'm sorry for whatever you witnessed."

My friend in creative writing:
"I heard Vanier has waffles. We should get some sometime....  Let's go today!"

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  1. So who exactly told us to drive SUV's Mr Prof? usually people who make comments like that "paint" themselves into a corner. The more they explain what they mean, the crazier it sounds.
    In CA we don't go around carrying an umbrella in case it's gonna rain any minute, as needed in Vancouver. So if you don't drive an SUV, it means you don't need one. Don't presume to understand why someone else does drive one, Mr Prof


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