Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things my econ profesor hates

Here are the things that, as far as we can tell, my econ professor hates:

1. Americans
2. SUV's
3. Having an excess supply of hula hoops (seems Denmark or someone had a problem with that)
4. Americans
5. Technology. All of it.
6. That includes batteries
7. Americans
8. Engineers. (apparantly they're know-it-alls)
9.  People who come in late to class (but only on odd-numbered days, and only on days with an odd number of consonants)
10. Americans
11. Schedules (as deduced by us through his stubborn decision to never, ever follow one)
12. Americans.

You'd think that someone like this could give an interesting lecture.

He can't.


  1. ENGINEERS ! E gads !

  2. He said, "Engineers think they know everything, but they still need economists! They do NOT know everything!" and stuff and kept ranting. hahahha

  3. Doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out that deep down he wanted to be an Engineer, but couldn't make it. Poor pathetic, bitter man.

    I don't like teachers who use students as an audience for their opinions, and the classroom as place to take out their frustrations.

    Sara, I don't agree with you. I would not expect someone like this to give an interesting lecture. He is predictable in what he's going to say. He can hate Americans on his own time and privately, but the classroom is no place for his prejudice.

  4. Probably failed. Bet he wasn't good enough to be an Engineer.

    I just mean he's interesting in that people who ramble are usually not mind-numbingly boring. I don't agree with most of what he says, but if he had better presentation skills, he could at least make it entertaining.


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