Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome things I've heard

At hockey (a non-checking league):
[Logan gets the puck stolen from him]
teammate: LOGAN, BACKCHECK!!!
Yeah. How about no.

In math the new TA taught the lesson:
TA: it very difficult to find something that does not exist. You can't find a blue elephant if it doesn't exist.

Also in math, talking about his website:
TA: here's the website. Or if you google me- and I don't do that of course- i'm the third on the list.

In the caf, this guy says in a menacing, angry voice:
Guy: I'll get a tray.
(this only makes sense if you've seen eddie izzards standup about the death star canteen.

And a funny thing that happened:
We were losing 2-4 so we pulled the goalie.
The other team proceeded to score on the empty net from centre ice.
The goalie went back in the net after that.

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