Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scientific Experiment: Effects of Positive Factors on Quality of Life

Purpose: In order to further improve quality of life at University, several factors were tested, to determine their importance in the total experience.

Hypothesis: If several key factors are increased, including academic success, socializing with friends, and athletic involvement, then the quality of life at University will likewise increase.

1. calculus tutor
2. textbooks
3. friends
4. hockey gear
5. available ice rink
6. chocolate hedgehogs: 

1. Increase understanding in Calculus by finding a great tutor and suddenly realizing that the chain rule isn't as difficult as initially thought.
2. Solve some of the online math homework completely independently, and get the answers correct.
3. Study French grammar and almost get 100% on the quiz.
4. Spend Halloween at home, and also have these amazing chocolate hedgehogs.
5. Go downtown to Robson street with a friend, and have dinner at a sushi place where the sushi is on boats that go around on a moat; learn to like sushi, and then go window-shopping for boots.
6. Join a hockey league that plays at 6:30 AM on Fridays and meet a lot of great players.
7. Join a school intramural hockey team for next term, because playing for the school is very awesome.
8. Plan to see Inception at the school theatre with friends, and also to go out for dinner at Point Grill.
9. Go downtown for crepes and cupcakes with a friend after school.

Conclusions: Increasing the important factors contributed directly to an increase in quality of life at University. Experiment will be repeated as necessary, as improved social life, academic marks, and athletic involvement has a direct correlation to quality of life.

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  1. I have an additional one to add....getting rid of negative vibes and their originators.


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