Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Asking Yourself Things

When did we get a toaster?

...was that tofu??

Can I get more chocolate sprinkles than that?

Is it really fair for a junior hockey player to be playing with us.... but do I really mind, so long as he's scoring goals for us?


How many more days until I get to go home?

Shouldn't the econ professor know how to teach?

And why would I want to find all those asymptotes, exactly?

You won't get Halo 2 in stock for a WEEK? What am I supposed to do until then?

Why would you assume that teammate shooting is a newbie mistake? Did you ever think that maybe you were just annoying me?

Is it seriously 1 AM? Seriously?

Why do we even bother going to econ anymore? What do you mean, you've already stopped going?

Why do all the good events happen during the one single hour that I have calc tutoring?

You mean to say that it gets COLDER?!?!?!

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