Tuesday, November 9, 2010

how'd you know I've got the mindset of a six year old?

Today was one of those really great days. I mean, yes, it was raining. And it was 42 degrees. And that is the coldest temperature I've experienced in my life (yeah, I'm dead serious about that one. It makes people around here laugh. A lot).

But despite that! I went to get my skates sharpened today, at G-Max, a hockey shop on Broadway/Alma that's really close to campus, and half a block from the bus stop. It took like 10 minutes, and was only $5, and the guy there was really nice. People say it's the best place to get your skates sharpened. (I wasn't about to go to the UBC rink guys. They're nice and all, but when I asked, they said, "I wouldn't trust me with your skates. Or him. There's this other guy, he's around later, maybe he does sharpening? But not us." Comforting.)

So that was all taken care of, and my skates are nice and sharp for Friday's game now. On the way back to the bus stop, I found this coffee place. AND THEY ARE AMAZING! I got hot chocolate there... with whipped cream. And then the lady asked me if I wanted chocolate sprinkles too. Not sure how she knew that I'm basically a six year old at heart, maybe the whipped cream/hot chocolate choice tipped her off. And they weren't just chocolate sprinkles, they were chocolate shavings. AWESOME.

So that's my new favourite place. Ever. I'm gonna study there with a friend on Sunday :)

Also, I've gotten a lot of French homework done, and I've got psych later today. Sweet stuff.

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