Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Top Five's Of The Week

Top 5 Lies of the Week:
1. This isn't "of the week." That just sounded snazzier than "of the undefined interval."
2. "Hot chocolate is totally good for you when you're sick! It's got, like... protein and iron and stuff in it."
3. *after listening to podcast talking incessantly about plane wrecks and plane-related disasters* "Naah, I'm totally cool to fly."
4. "Yeah, there's no Trader Joe's here. Uh, no, you're not missing out on the single coolest store on the planet. Don't worry about it."
5. *To the Microsoft help number guy* "Yeah, I'll call you back. Definitely. On Monday. Yes. I will. I will. Yes. Yes." 

Top 5 Quotes of the Week:
1. "School definitely comes before Batman.... sometimes."
2. "Welcome to the family. You can never leave."
3. "The world was MADE to revolve around me."
4. "so there's a dinner party in Italy. It starts at six. What time do you show up?"
5.  "I have to go call Melvin now. He's my best friend in India and he probably hates me."

Top 5 Places To Go Of The Week
1. Grounds For Coffee, where there's hot chocolate with chocolate shavings
2. The bus stop after the bus stop I wanted to get off at
3.  Math building. Spent more time there than anyone should ever have to
4. The bank. Twice. Because planning ahead to have the stuff you need is a good thing.
5. That Chinese place in the SUB downstairs. "Is that pork? Or chicken? I'll take that... sweet and sour... thing."

Top 5 Lessons/Screw Ups of the week
1. You have to press the "stop" button if you want to get off the bus at your stop.
2. It's cold at night. Dressing warm is a good thing to do.
3. "Sure, it's for Windows Vista, but I bet it really means Windows 7"
4. Turns out I wake my roommate up 5 times every Friday morning. That's 5 times in 1 morning. Every week. Oops.
5.  If someone can't have something, it's best not to repeatedly talk about how amazing it is.

Top 5 Problems Of The Week
1. Math midterm. He said "oh, this'll definitely be on the midterm." Studied it for 2 hours. One problem type, for 2 hours. Did the midterm and went.... "WAIT WHERE IS IT? IT'S NOT HERE!!" Thanks for nothing.
2. Halo 2. Had an epic adventure calling the Microsoft 800 number in the back of the instruction manual 3 times, talking to the same guy 2 of those days, Melvin. Seriously. His name is Melvin, he's probably 1 of 3 guys that work there, and I think he hates me.
3. The bus stop thing.
4. Didn't pre-order Assassin's Creed 3 in time... turns out it's already out in stores. Oops.
5. Favourite podcast's new popular topic is "horrible things that happen on planes." Thanks a lot, guys.

Top 5 Awesome Things Of the Week
1. Hot chocolate
2. The weather forecast for Saturday is "snow," but the activity forecast is, "bite me, weather, because I'm in CALIFORNIA!"
3. Finished my creative writing homework 2 weeks early. Guess who wasn't stressed like crazy this week because it's due today? This chick :)
4. Weekly podcast came out! (this happens every week though. Obviously).
5. This deserves 2 spots- CALIFORNIAAAAAA!

Top 5 Random Things Of The Week
1. "Miluji tě"  is "I love you" in Czech
2. As pointed out by the Drunk Tank podcast, Girltalk is an awesome band/musician, (he does mashups of different songs) but after listening to those songs, you are no longer capable of listening to only 1 song at a time.
3. There are ACHIEVEMENTS for PC games! Hello gamerscore!
4. The Grover Old Spice commercial is still the best thing ever. Of all time.
5. 37 days until Christmas, and 87 days until my birthday!

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