Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we're gonna party like it's the end of the semester

If you couldn't tell, I've got 2012 (It Ain't The End) on a loop. That song's funny, says "we're gonna party like it's the end of the world, like it's 2012"

Had my very last final today! It was geobio and it was okay. Not awesome or anything. Some surprise stuff like, "which line on the graph is which?" and I'd thought all we had to do was understand how to read it, not memorize the mirror-image lines and which was on which side. Because I think they're interchangeable.

Moved out of my dorm yesterday, watched the Canucks game (Not one word, Sharks fans. I swear, if we'd lost, I'd have stayed in Van to sulk with the rest of the nucks fans), got my skates sharpened for the last time (free, because I'm his favourite- I kid you not. I get a lot of special treatment in the hockey world, being a girl and all. It's awesome). Got a storage locker thing- it's called a "skylocker," which is a fancy word for "storage thing that's closer to the ceiling than the floor, have fun with that ladder and your heavy suitcases."
Ended up coming home with only four bags, but only two count. One's got a comforter and the other's a hockey bag, so there's only two bags with actual clothes and stuff. I'm impressed with myself (as usual).

So now we're hanging out at the airport. And the gate is waaaay out, too. Even farther than I usually have to go.
Oh, and I hate horizon/alaska air. Because apparently, hockey sticks aren't included with a hockey bag. What do they want me to do, play without a stick..?

Also, it's raining. Last lovely weather send-off.

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