Sunday, April 10, 2011

shocking revelations of the week

Self-explanatory. Onwards.

1. I've gone to the gym all but two days this week. One of those days was spent snowshoeing. Awesome? Yeah. It is.

2. People who didn't watch the original Star Trek series really missed a lot in the movie. I plan to blog that someday eventually. But every time I start, I find a million other things they missed.

3. It can rain in April. It can be sunny, and then rain, all for the universe's evil enjoyment.

4. The commerce minor is the unloved minor. Neither the arts or business department will call it their own. So sad. And highly inconvenient.

5. It actually IS possible to have an assignment due after school is over. Seriously. The last day of econ was Thursday, and I have an assignment due today. How can he do that..?

6. I'm really not very good at waking up before 10/noon.

7. There is a switch somewhere in the hallway that can turn the lights off in my room. And probably the lights in all the other rooms as well.

8. Couple pictures my friend took:

9. Somehow, I've got Twitter followers. Odd.

10. That's about it. I have homework to do. Weird. Weird. Weird.

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