Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did you notice the page revamp? and a quick test

(Seriously, you'd better have noticed the page revamp)

just want to take a second to point out all the new and super exciting features:

1. The background. That's a picture I took on Cypress, and I'm super proud of myself for getting it to work on the template. I had to compress it and resize it and everything. All by myself. (Maybe I did inherit some of my dad's engineering genius after all). Title's redone too- but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get that tagline out of Arial. Well, consider it a stylistic choice.

2. You can now get RSS feed updates by email! So enter your email into that white bar on the right, and you'll get updates sent straight to your email.

3. Flickr photostream. Surprisingly difficult to set up. Anyways, that's all my pictures.

4. My favourite online places- yeah, they're still the same. But look how cool they are!

That's about it for the updates, really. Awesome, though, isn't it?

Also- here are ten random things. Prize for the person who already knew all of them. (Honour system, and also, I can read your mind, so I know if you're lying).
1. I tan really easily
2. I'm super picky when it comes to clothes
3. I cannot cut peaches well. Seriously, I'm incapable of it.
4. Speaking of peaches, at one point, I was in love with white peaches.
5. I'm bad at painting my nails, and always ruin them within five seconds because I can't wait for them to dry
6. I like swingsets
7. I think my elbows are double-jointed
8. I wear a lot of blue, and my room at home has a lot of blue, and I'm not quite sure how that happened, but it's cool.
9. I'm a total trekkie.
10. I love reading anything medical.

Anyone know all of those things?

(if you couldn't tell already, i'm bored out of my mind, still a week and a half until i go home, and all my exciting plans for this week don't start until tuesday night).

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