Saturday, April 16, 2011

the plan for today

Still studying econ for the final next week (on part one of chapter eight, twelve chapters total).
Woke up at noon (again), and studied for a bit.
Then decided I'm sick of studying and that I want to go get the book I'm dying to read that came out two days ago. (Two kisses for maddy- kind of a memoir. Super adorable and sad. Story of the blog writer at
Also, I'm wearing these killer awesome heels today, because I want to see if I'll be able to wear them for a whole night next week. (Nightclub on the 19th, Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange on the 21st !!!)

They're pretty:

Weather's doing that thing where it's bright, but not sunny and definitely not warm. This still, after all this time, confuses me.

And look how cute this is! Found it online somewhere or other:
Solves for i <3 u! (The <3 is a heart, btw)

Anyways. Off to get my book and break in my pretty shoes!

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