Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hi, i'm a link dump and a star trek rant. nice to meet you

One more day of classes- and then my freshman year is over! And then I'll begin JUNIOR YEAR!
Yeah, you heard that right. I'm awesome like that. Because although degrees are supposed to be four years, I said "four years? I'll do it in three."
You can quote that. (I just did).
(anyone catch that?)

Been spending some time embracing my inner trekkie geek. As in, not new-wave "oh, lookit me, I'm such a fan because I know Kirk's middle name because they said it in the 2009 trailer!" way, and not the "I'm such a fan because that movie was so cool, and I loved the Enterprise, even though I don't know what those funny numbers and letters written on it are!" either. Those are the kinds of people who didn't find it HILARIOUS that the engineer that went to the drill with Kirk and Sulu was wearing a red shirt.
Those people are failures.
But I love them anyways.
Point was
("Do you have a point, Mr. Spock?" "Always, doctor." HAHAHAHA)
that I've been watching the original series. (And JUST the original series. No sissy Picard for me. Kirk's where it's at, and always will be).
I especially loved the one where Kirk and Spock chase Mccoy into the past, circa 1930's. And Kirk's oh-so-eloquent explanation of Spock's ears to the angry policeman.

The more I watch that show, the more impressed I am by how brilliant it is.

Anyways, I have real, actual news to share, I'm sure, besides my Star Trek obsession.

oh, wait, no I don't. Star Trek it is.

This person made the funniest collection of ST2009 Bones quotes ever:
Best picture is the first one: "Dr. Leonard Mccoy is grumpy. (Must be a day that ends in Y)."

In other unrelated news, this is funny:

this isn't funny because it's true:

this is funny and super adorable:

this blog post is kinda funny:
Excerpt: "They want to sit on my lap and smother me with hugs and kisses all of the time. We all know that is just part of their grand master plan to infect us with germs and to achieve world domination."

and these are just awesome:

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