Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One down, two to go

But more accurately, easy one done, the worst two to go.

Now, I've been waking up at noon-ish every day for the past week. (most amusing thing in the universe? Mentioning this to my friends who have school/work/etc and have been doing that for five hours by the time I wake up. Ha!) But at midnight last night, I realized my final wasn't at noon, like I'd thought, it was at eight thirty. In the morning. Seriously. They actually thought about this, and decided that 8:30 AM would be a smart choice.
Needless to say, I was in bed within the next ten minutes.
Woke up at seven, went to find breakfast, like actual decent food for once. The caf was totally empty. I saw one person, maybe, hanging around upstairs, and maybe seven studying/sleeping in the commonsblock. Clearly, we are not morning people. We're all afternoon people.
By the way, that spiteful streak of the caf's continues. Maple oatmeal is the greatest thing ever. Now that I've had it once from there, it has disappeared forever. Awesome.
Anyways, went to my final. It was at the gym, upstairs and supposed to be 2.5 hours long.

French final overview:
Instructions: the prof's there literally do not like to speak English to us. We've all sworn off it, apparently.
First section: Grammar.
1-Write the question to the given answer. Stupidest idea ever. The line says "Chicoine's most noticeable trait was that HE WAS ALWAYS ABSENT", write the question pertaining to the stressed part. Okay, on lines like "the books were taken by John BY TRUCK to Montreal."
Awkward question ends up being some weird hybrid of "where are the books" and "what did John do with them" and a lot of other things you'd like to say to this person but don't write down.
How exactly would this be useful to anyone but a psychic studying French?
2- Negate the phrase. Except don't use "ne...pas" unless you have to. You have to get all creaaaativeee. So if it says "He will go anywhere" you can't just say "he will not go anywhere," you have to say, "he will go nowhere". (It sounds less awkward in French, but way more hoity-toity). Seriously? I want to speak like a normal person, not the queen. Formality is unnecessary.
3- join the two phrases. So "my mother made a tart" and "everyone liked the tart" must now become one. Except you have to rewrite the whole entire thing. Every time. Gets tiring. Also, some are just weird. "the boy didn't say anything in the moment" "The guy sold him the book." Uh, what? I ended up with a weird "the boy didn't say anything in the moment in which the guy sold him the book" which I know is wrong. "auquel" had no place in that awkward phrase.
4- Fun with the subjunctive, future, and conditional. I'm sure the teachers laugh hysterically at the weird word mutants we come up with for this one.
The second section- the essay. Because destroying us with grammar isn't enough, we have to also write an essay about the book that we read. And discussed. And discussed again. And just can't stop discussing. My prompt was about 'does the character's behaviour reflect his personality, or a reaction to the Quebecois society at the time?" And because I passionately hate this guy, I wrote about how he's too self-centered and spiteful to be socially aware at all. I refuse to like this character.

And because it was conveniently at the gym, when I finished early, I could just head downstairs and spend an hour at the gym! Very convenient.

(my new idea to wear myself out at the gym literally every single day this week still hasn't worked as far as letting me sleep more. I just suck at sleeping. Seriously! Maybe I don't need as much sleep as other people, but I want it!)

I've got an econ final in a week, and a geobio final the week after that. Both of which I'll actually have to study for this time. You really can't study for French- I did give it a go for an hour last week, while at the gym- it's one of those subjects where if you don't know it by now, you won't learn in the next couple days. You just have to hope your "this sounds right" instinct isn't totally crazy, or actually keyed in to another language.

Speaking of other languages, I've always wanted to learn Russian.
Я тебя люблю is one of the very few things I can say.
That means I love you. I can also say "no."

I've actually got a weird, weird accumulation of other-languages vocabulary.

Я тебя люблю - I love you
Нет- No

pojke- boy
gull bit- gold coin
lilla/liten- little

rakas- love
Jokerit- jokers
Nej- no
Fånge- prisoner

Miluji tě- I love you

That's a good summary for now. I won't go into like, Italian and German, because there's quite a handful.
And y'know. French.

So much for sleeping this afternoon. Also, did I mention it's overcast again? Unfair.

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