Wednesday, April 13, 2011

also, here's a few reasons why my phone is annoying

Everyone I know has an iphone. (Actually, all my Canadian friends have Blackberries, and the Americans have iphones, but that's just getting specific). They say they're the coolest things ever, and I have an itouch, so I do get it-but no. I will never, ever get an iphone.
I have a few very simple reasons.
1- texting with a touchscreen= lame
2- It's sorta bulky
3- I cannot be trusted with nice phones. My last phone was a super cool Nokia, with a 5 megapixel (correct terminology?) camera. Very cool. Until I dropped it. Multiple times. Then it liked to turn off by itself and shut down screens and generally not work. Replacing that would've been, y'know, expensive.

So. I've decided to stick to phones that won't be horribly expensive if/let's-be-honest-WHEN I break them. You all saw my phone in a previous post- tentatively named Vladdie, and quite adorable, with a full keyboard and such.
I love it and all, but sometimes, I really hate it. Let's see why. (Flashback to those old chemistry class videos, 'let's see why such and such does this and this'. Unless it was explosions, the class didn't seem to care much).
1- the multimedia text thing. If I send a too-long message, instead of splitting it into two, (which would be logical), my phone turns it into a multimedia message. Nice magic show, but not everyone can receive those. So, y'know. Thanks a lot. Brat.
2- You can't block numbers. And that is inconvenient. (Am I the only person who always runs into this problem? I feel like I may be).
3- Can't get custom ringtones. So while I'd love to have a song, I get stuck with a pre-done melody, which brings me to one of the worst things about my phone:
4- The ringtones give me panic attacks, basically. I made the mistake of using each and every one of them as an alarm for when I had to get up at 5:30 for hockey. And now, hearing any of them makes me panic and want to shut the stupid thing off as soon as possible, and then hide from it. Not a good reaction for incoming calls. Right now, my ring is this obnoxious ring- not a melody, not a song, not a heartrate-arresting ringtone. It just rings. Obnoxiously and like an old phone, but it doesn't make me want to throw it out the window and go to sleep.

I feel like that list was a lot weirder than most people's would have been.

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