Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Airport. Yeah. Again.

Got delayed as usual. Only 15 minutes this time (so far).
It's raining a lot in Seattle, juuust like Vancouver. So that's very, very, very familiar. It's also really foggy here, but they're still flying; they should teach that skill to all the airlines that deal with SFO. I'm sooo tired of hearing "delayed because of fog in San Francisco." That's like saying "delayed because there's air. And we just can't deal with that." There's ALWAYS fog in San Francisco! That's what San Francisco does! It fogs! Or fogifies. Or whatever.

What they should do is say something interesting. I mean, we all know it'll be fog, right? (for the record, I have no idea why we're delayed right now. I'm just thinking about the fog thing). But they should say something interesting. Like, "delayed due to the giant lizard monster sitting on the runway."
Yeah. That'd be cool.

Here's a video featuring a giant lizard monster, coincidentally.

Happy lizard-fearing.

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